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quinn wants her baby back = selfish.

rachel gets a lot of solos = selfish.

mercedes demands every solo throws a bitch fit if she doesn’t get them, tells the whole club shes outgrown them and quits the new directions = not selfish.

how does that work?

okay i know quinn went a bit of the rails but wouldn’t you if the woman who adopted your baby and dangled the chance to see her right in front of you face?

You misspelled Rachel re: the bolded. Mercedes doesn’t demand every solo.  She demands an opportunity to have one - which she’s not had for New Directions in competition even though she has one of the strongest voices in the group.  Mercedes did in “Asian F” what Rachel has done countless times, and for no reason, because Rachel actually gets solos she doesn’t even earn.  She’s given them - there aren’t any auditions, there’s no discussion of who else could get them.  And Rachel’s not gotten a solo three times: 1.) When Mercedes beat her out of one and the group voted for Mercedes to have it (then Mercedes, being humble and thinking of the team, gives Rachel the spot when they discover the set list had been leaked and stolen); 2.) When Mr. Schue deems the winners of the duets competition leads - the same competition Rachel and Finn conspired to throw, and it turned around and bit them on the butt; 3. ) When Rachel’s suspended because she cheated in the school elections.  Every other time, however, who had the solo?  Rachel.  Who hasn’t, even when she’s the team player, doesn’t demand quite so often, and has earned the opportunity to be featured? Mercedes.  Even Brittany had a featured spot before Mercedes, and Brittany’s nowhere near the vocalist Mercedes is.  Quite frankly, Mercedes earned that blow up in “Asian F”, and I was glad she told them all off.  New Directions didn’t appreciate her at all and took her for granted.  And furthermore, Mr. Schue kicked her out - she didn’t quit.  He said if she left, she was out…she didn’t leave.  In fact, they left her so…hmm.

But I suppose the moment Mercedes decides to stand up for herself without permission from nonchromatics, she’s a selfish bitch. LOL k.




Glee Mysteries 28: How is Rachel supposed to successfully attend and graduate NYADA, and become a Broadway star, when time and time again she’s been shown unable to handle rejection and competition? She will have to share solos and roles at NYADA and on Broadway, she will not just be handed things, she will have to audition and work for it, she will face rejection at some point, and probably more than once. She will not be able to complain until a role is handed to her or stop auditions being held to pick who will sing/for a part, she will not be allowed to get away with sending her competition to crack houses or appointing herself as the lead. How is Rachel supposed to achieve her dreams when it’s been established she can’t handle something that goes hand in hand with it?

One of the biggest elephants in the room that’s never properly addressed.

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Or What, You'll Spank Me?: rhiblitzleberry: Ducks in the hat: Rachel vs Mercedesacciosamcedes:...





Ducks in the hat: Rachel vs Mercedes



I don’t know why Rachel felt bad at the end of Asian F (SPOILER ALERT) When she received the part of Maria. Sure Mercedes performance was stunning

but quite frankly I didn’t think…

Yeah, I see your point. But didn’t Rachel agree that okay, they could both share the spotlight? Mercedes just didn’t want any of that. Idk, maybe I just prefer Rachel over her and that’s why I’m defending her. 

Here’s the thing though - why should Mercedes settle for sharing when everyone in that room thought Mercedes gave a better audition?  That is why Mercedes turned down the role.  That wasn’t fair to Mercedes.  But it’s clear Mercedes’ feelings should never, ever matter compared to Rachel’s or Kurt’s or anyone else’s for that matter, and that’s why Mercedes left.  She fought for the spotlight, ie, followed the advice Rachel herself gave back in “Night of Neglect”, won outright (especially in Rachel’s opinion), and then had the refs call it a draw so Rachel’s ego would be spared.  And if no one can see how unfair that is to Mercedes, then I think it’s a willful blind spot to Mercedes.

Okay, but maybe I missed it, but when did they say Mercedes audition was better? I thought the whole problem was that they both were so good and both brought different things to the table so it was difficult for them to decide. Wasn’t THAT why they said that two people would play Maria? Unless I missed it, I never heard them saying that they were going to still give the part of Maria to Rachel because they didn’t want to hurt or feelings or get her pissed off. I could be wrong…. -le shrug-

Either way, I see where Mercedes is coming from. Maybe she was just having a rough week. But I have rough weeks too but I don’t act so rash and knock over music stands because I’m in bad mood. That’s me though. If she was having a bad few days, maybe she could’ve just said she was stressed. Why’d she had to go all out diva and get mad everyone and Rachel? I thought they were friends.

Friends don’t make snide comments about a co star only being worthy of playing to war veterans at matinees, while they play the more prestigious evening performances. Not to mention snide remarks about Mercedes race whenever she tried to broaden the glee club’s repertoire…

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And again… let’s see how many notes a TRUTHFUL photoset gets.


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Just because Mercedes and Rachel are cool doesn’t mean that Mercedes should not be allowed to audition for whatever she wants to audition for or be upset that she has yet again been passed up. I’m seeing all this bullshit about how Mercedes is such a bitch and blah blah blah. You know what? I would be to if I’m constantly second choice. Mercedes has every right to be tired of being put on the back burner. We know she wants the chance to be in the spotlight like Rachel has always been, but it either gets taken from her or she gets passed up. This is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.


It just smacks of “the black girl needs to stay in her place” doesn’t it?  ”Off the sidewalk with you!”






And how many people were outraged when Rachel said this in comparison to Mercedes’ comment to Quinn in “Funk”?  I’m actually curious because I wasn’t in the fandom for S1 but I do have a theory on what the answer is.

That “crunk club” comment, #doe………

What is this fuckery? And folks thought it was okay to put that shit in the script?? I swear, Mercedes is the most disrespected character in Glee.

And I’m betting that people who did complain were told to “stop being PC” because apparently, actually valuing music pioneered by black people is too much to fucking ask for.