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South Florida Sun: Special prosecutor: I have jurisdiction to charge Shellie Zimmerman


SANFORD - The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin murder case argues that her office does have jurisdiction to put the defendant’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, on trial for perjury because the governor last month issued a new executive order expressly saying so.

Shellie Zimmerman, 25, is accused of lying when she testified at an April 20 bond hearing that she and her husband, George Zimmerman, had no money.

In fact, contributions were flooding in from donors via the Internet, and the couple was scrambling to move that money – more than $100,000 at the time - from account to account, according to records released by the office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey.

Thought folks might want an update.


Can the mostly white women in the Michelle Obama tag please stop


Stop complaining that we’re focusing too much on what Michelle Obama is wearing. You know why? Because INTERFUCKINGSECTIONALITY.

Because women of color, especially Black women, are routinely dehumanized, defeminized, degraded and insulted and have been since the founding of this country. Michelle Obama occupies many historic roles: First Black First Lady, advocate for nutrition, and yes, style icon. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH LOVING AND ENJOYING FASHION.

And guess what, a woman of color, ESPECIALLY A BLACK WOMAN, being celebrated and appreciated for her quite frankly fabulous style is a huge deal, so let WOC have our squee moment over her clothes because unlike you we have no problems thinking in multiple contexts and appreciating the FLOTUS’ fashion choices right alongside her other accomplishments.

Seriously. Get your white feminism outta her tag.



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When Doing Good Goes Wrong: One Woman’s Story about White Saviorism in Africa



Dear Readers–

I’m writing to ask you all a huge favor. But first, bear with me. I have to first tell you a story.

Meet Lindiwe

During my 6-month Africans for Africa project last year, I met Lindiwe (not a real name), a retired, 60-something year old African woman. Lindiwe had been running an orphanage out of her own home for the past 10 years. The government had agreed to offer her some money every month to care for up to two children, but the amount was no where near what she needed to care for the twenty-seven she’d taken in.

You see, most of their parents had passed away from HIV/AIDS, or abandoned them when they moved away to find more work. Lindiwe could barely afford to replace their tattered clothes, let alone their school uniforms. If not for the charity of a wholesale grocery store that donated canned goods each month, Lindiwe wouldn’t have been able to feed the orphans in her care at all.

But, one day, a young white American couple (that had been backpacking through the region) arrived at her doorstep, and offered to help Lindiwe raise money from abroad. The plan was to set up a non-profit in the U.S. to serve as a fiscal sponsor (i.e. serve as an umbrella organization) to the orphanage, which would enable them to collect tax-deductible donations from their network back in the states. Lindiwe couldn’t believe her luck. And, perhaps she shouldn’t have.

There are Very Wrong Ways to Do Good

Elated, Lindiwe gave the young white Americans copies of her non-profit’s official documents, which, as planned, the couple used to validate their US-based non-profit as an umbrella org for the project. Their website went up, along with photos of the orphans they’d met on their backpacking trip, and then the tax-deductible donations began to come in.

Initially, the couple sent Lindiwe money to pay for school uniforms–a mere two hundred dollars–and promised more would follow as they continued to spread the word. Thus, as they announced fundraisers — a few even hosted by celebrities — on their website, Lindiwe expected the relief she’d been promised would arrive soon. But it’s been three years since then, and not much has changed.

This past year alone, the U.S. organization has raised over $30,000. But, since their launch there years ago, only $3000 has made it to Lindiwe’s orphanage, and this is after Lindiwe has had to keep calling, emailing, and begging to receive the funds owed to the local orphanage to cover basic necessities: food, medicine, school uniforms.

Read the rest of the article here.

the organistaion that this article wants to make you aware of is

It basically allows african led organisations to dictatte and control their own funding, at least visit the website and support if you can. It means that these people won’t be left begging for the crumbs that the large western charities leave them (if they bother at all)

hey guys! remember KONY?

this white girl need to read this

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It’s the day of Obama’s second Presidential Inauguration! As Obama took the oath of office for his second term, the country came together as one and…

Oh wait, lmao, silly me. That didn’t happen. Instead here’s a collection of people who either fantasized or outright threatened President Barack Obama’s assassination (and note: I only picked tweets that fell right before, during, or immediately after the Inauguration itself!) …


























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Almost every marginalized group that cites evidence of violence, especially police violence and abuse, is actually citing statistics against African-American members of that group.


1. Police assault a gay man. It is reported and framed as an “anti-gay” attack. White gay people say “look at the terrible violence we face!”

He is a black man.


2. Feminists decry the horrific new developments in regard to the criminalization of pregnancy, i.e. people with uteri who are prosecuted and/or sent to prison for refusing a c-section, having a miscarriage or stillbirth, having a mental illness, being perceived as “irresponsible”, et cetera.

White women: “this is happening to women!!!” News stories invariably show the pregnant bellies of white women. The stories are written by white women, and are addressed to white women. Which is also cissexist.

This is happening to Black and Native American women like Regina McKnight and Martha Greywind:

First, we describe characteristics of the women and the cases, finding that low-income women and women of color, especially African American women, are overrepresented among those who have been arrested or subjected to equivalent deprivations of liberty.

who are poor, and often living in the South, with its rich history of forced sterilizations and eugenics. South Carolina especially showed preference for sterilizing African American women.

From the report:

For example, in South Carolina thirty-four of ninety-three cases came from the contiguous counties of Charleston and Berkeley.

3. A white Autistic person writes the line, “Being mentally ill means that I am more likely to be shot by police”, and explains why hiding a mental illness can be a survival tool. 

Unfortunately, here in reality, those Autistic people who are shot to death by police can’t hide the immediate, visual fact that they are Black men.

Stephon Watts, 15


Ernest Vassell, 57


Stephen Eugene Washington, 27


Roger Parker Jr., 9

Who was not killed, but was beaten by police and then arrested for aggravated assault to a police officer. [LINK INCLUDES IMAGE OF BATTERED CHILD]

4. The face of LGBT activism is white gay men writing about police violence toward white gay people. Pepper spray at a Pride Parade is big news. In fact, many articles defend a white gay man who assaulted a Black woman and told her to “go back to Africa”. White gay men love to write about how subject to violence they are.

The problem with that is, almost all of the violent crimes including murders are against gay people of color

and almost all of those (44 percent of overall) are against the “t” in LGBT

and nearly all of those crimes are against Trans* women of color

And those women are quite likely to be prosecuted, harassed, and/or arrested/assaulted by police when they are the VICTIMS of a violent crime.

Also, trans* women of color are sent to prison for surviving a vicious attack. After a trial in which evidence of the attacker’s racism, swastika tattoos, and criminal history is suppressed.

5. Disability advocacy organization in Washington decries disabled children being criminalized, arrested, and prosecuted for minor or nonexistent infractions. News sites report that Mississippi School-To-Prison Pipeline “targets African American AND disabled children”, and uses this image:


When in fact, ALL of the children targeted were children of color:

all of them “children of color,” says Jody Owens, with the Southern Poverty Law Center–were routinely arrested at Meridian schools allegedly on the say-so of teachers or administrators, handcuffed and taken to jail where they were held for days on end without benefit of a hearing, a lawyer, or understanding their Miranda rights.

Meridian county is 55% African-American, and about 70% of schoolchildren are African American.

Disabled children of color face torture, imprisonment, vicious beatings perpetrated by teachers, and are African American children with or without disabilities are 3 1/2 times more likely to receive “disciplinary action” against them in school than white students.

6. There is a huge outcry against the NRA’s suggestion of armed guards at Elementary schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

A bare footnote or completely lost in this outcry is the fact that an overwhelming proportion of children of color, especially Black and Latino children, already go to schools with armed guards and police presence on the campus.

The notorious and unapologetic racist sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Arpaio, has sent out more than 3,000 untrained “posse” volunteers to “police” schools under his purview. This is when his “trained” deputies already torture, abuse, beat, and murder people of color in Maricopa County on a terrifyingly regular basis.

The problem is, if you are a Black student, the campus police may be quite likely to shoot you dead.

To come full circle, the student shot dead by police in the link above also had a mental illness.

Almost every marginalized group that cites evidence of overwhelming discrimination and violence, especially police violence and abuse, is actually citing statistics against African-American members of that group.

The point of all this is that journalism repeatedly fails to accurately report that people of color suffer the overwhelming majority of police violence. The racism built into the very foundations of American society and culture ensures that this violence continues, is under-reported, misrepresented as evidence of criminality, when it fact it is evidence of the criminalization of people of color, especially Black Americans.

If you are a white person, and you experience a particular axis of marginalization and want to give statistics on the violence you face as an oppressed person, especially in regards to police violence, you should consider checking whether these statistics accurately reflect the violence against white members of the marginalized group you belong to.

And also of note: police violence is the measure of which overtly sanctioned violence perpetrated by U.S. government and society is glaring gateway into overall violence and discrimination is perpetrated again people of color, especially Black Americans. It permeates the education system, the medical and mental health systems, the social security and welfare systems, the legal system, the higher education systems, the banking systems, the commercial and entrepreneurial systems, and every single institution.

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Passive Resistance Training, SNCC, Atlanta, GA, 1960, by James Karales, courtesy Duke University Library


people had to be trained to deal wit the evil of white people

I hope this makes it clear to folks that non-violence as expressed during the Civil Rights Movement was not simply a moral or political choice. It was a tactical application as well.

Do y’all think SNCC, SCLC, CORE, MLK, Jr. or anyone else wanted to witness their people being beaten, that they wanted to stay their fists and guns when their CHILDREN were being murdered? If you do, I suggest you go back to history class, because MLK, Medgar Evers, Bayard Rustin, almost any person you can think of who advocated non-violence had armed guards and personnel in place for their and their people’s safety.

Non-violence as a resistance strategy was an attempt at provocation. Recognize that. Recognize that’s why these folks are training. Because they’re performing provocation through passive resistance. By not striking back they were illustrating the madness and vitriol of white supremacy. They were exposing in the most dramatic manner possible the denial of their humanity.

Understand: This was not turn the other cheek, this was looking into the eyes of the Devil and not backing down.

this is a damn good point to counter all the nonviolence moralistic liberal bullshit going on continuously in activist spaces.

Can we also take a moment to talk about how important it was that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee had the foresight to bring in a professional photographer to create a document of this sort of training. That the conversation taking place in this tumblr thread is only occurring today because of a photographic record created years ago is a testimony to the importance of the photographer to radical discourses.

Bolded for emphasis.

it’s important to note that this training isn’t really an exaggeration. it’s not difficult to find pics of actual protests/demonstrations from this era where everyday white people were being just as horrible as the trainers in these pics—but the whites were doing it out of malice & not out of an interest in strengthening their group.

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Goodbye followers

BUT ANYWAY onto more important news

Read More

You don’t get to redefine words to suit you.  You definitely don’t get to redefine racial slurs to mean whatever it is you think they ought to mean.  Trying only makes you a callous, sociopathic racist who’s more concerned with what you consider fun than the harm you do to others.




Aziz Ansari teaches Giuliana Rancic a valuable new dance move at the Golden Globes. [x]

i’m here for this.

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this week on White People are Wild

is anybody even remotely surprised at this point

This is so fucking disgusting. But positive representation doesn’t matter, right? Fuck. I’m so angry.

White people…doing it wrong since forever.


its crazy to think about how many movies are out right now

that depict war

like dont ever believe that the movies that are put out

dont have a definitive purpose

in putting forth an image of the people/communities/countries

we’re killing/invading right now.

they are literally SELLING us this image of brown people/non-westerns to further this imperialistic agenda.


Nearly got my shit kicked in for “looking Muslim” less than a week ago, so you know, fuck all these people.

Y’all remember that jackass who said that people don’t learn from Hollywood ever??

Y’all remember his ass???

Talmbout people don’t ever learn from ‘entertainment’ movies????


This shit right here????


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