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[In 1994] Romney was preparing to leave the [homeless shelter for veterans], so he pulled Smith aside, in front of the media, to ask him his biggest problem at the shelter.

Smith replied “milk.”

Smith explained that the State of Massachusetts allocated $2.37 per day twice a day for each homeless veteran’s meal. Since the amount was so meager, the shelter had trouble providing each veteran with a carton of milk at each meal.

Romney responded “well Ken, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.” Romney then walked out the door.

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You have no idea how bad I wanna punch this man in the face.

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 People like him don’t last on earth long.

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I really thought this was gonna end positively. I’m naive as fuck. This bootstraps fucker is just the worst.

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Look, I don’t like him. He clearly lives in a glass bubble and would be a TERRIBLE president because he thinks money solves everything. And what he said is inexcusable. But why don’t you all click on the source and read the rest of the article instead of basing your comments on an excerpt. Yeah? Cool. (And no, I am not saying he’s a nice guy for doing this, but this was at the very least a decent response to being an asshole.)

A week later Smith received a call from his shelter’s milk supplier. An anonymous donor had agreed to pay half the shelter’s milk costs, for the next several years.

Years later, Smith found out that Mitt Romney was the anonymous donor, paying the costs out of his own pocket

Romney didn’t send out a press release during his campaign. He didn’t boast about his donation, and he hasn’t mentioned it since. In an election where his Romney’s opponents have painted him as cold and heartless, the donation shows Romney at his most compassionate.

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That’s not really compassionate though.

The press went wild with the comment. Smith received an angry call from the Romney campaign saying Romney obviously didn’t think the veterans should be milking cows. The next day Romney personally called to apologize and mention how impressed he was with the concept of the shelter.

Romney paid the costs out of guilt (at most), and quite possibly was shamed into doing that much. I wouldn’t call this compassion, but YMMV.

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