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Revin Fellows, a longtime community activist in Aurora who claims to be related to Boyd, pointed out a strange irony.

Also during that stretch of warm days, Willy, a Pomeranian Papillon mix, was fatally attacked at Montrose Beach Dog Park by a pit pull.

The pit bull owner refused to identify himself and left the scene, but witnesses snapped his photograph. After the photograph was circulated at other pet parks, the officer was identified as a Chicago Police officer. The officer was immediately suspended for not making notification within 24 hours after his dog mauled Willy, and for failing to foot the $5,700 veterinary bill.

“That just says to me that these officials care more about a dog than they do a young black woman who was shot dead in the street,” Fellows told me.

Waiting for the wheels of justice to start rolling is “very, very tough,” Sutton lamented.

“It’s a lot to expect the community to work with police, but they cannot even work with us in our time of need.”

Justice slower for black woman than for dog - Chicago Sun Times (via notime4yourshit)

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The suit claims neither Boyd nor anyone she was with the night of the shooting was armed, and that Boyd herself presented no threat of death or serious injury to Servin. The suit also claims that before the shooting, Servin “had developed a reputation in the community for using overly aggressive police tactics against members of the public.

According to the suit, Cross — called Antonio Cross in the suit — was not with Boyd and her companions, but just happened to be walking by. Servin first spoke to Boyd and the others, and a moment later spoke to Cross before firing out the window.

Mother Sues City After Daughter Fatally Shot by Cop - MyFoxChicago (via notime4yourshit)


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Where are the men of color repping for justice for Rekia Boyd? Why are ya’ll sitting idly by while your Mothers, Aunties & Daughters are under attack? How do you have the unmitigated gall to want justice for young brothers if you can’t advocate for the same for young sisters? When are ya’ll gonna accept that you can’t expect recognition of your humanity from the very same oppressive systems you’re seeking to replicate?


Over the weekend Detroit police discovered a shallow grave which apparently contained two missing women, Ashley Conaway, 22, and Abreeya Brown, 18, who were kidnapped last month. According to police records, the women were kidnapped at gun point in Illinois and forced into a trunk. Brown’s stepfather even told police he exchanged gunfire with the kidnappers in an attempt to save his stepdaughter, but he was unable to stop the men.

Conaway’s former boyfriend, Brandon Cain, and his associate Brian Lee were detained last month for attempted murder charges stemming from the shootout with Brown’s stepfather, but the pair have yet to be charged with the disappearance of the women.

Scenes like this continue to play out across the country with little notice. For every Oscar Grant or Sean Bell or Trayvon Martin, there are many more Rekia Boyds, Aiyana Jones, Ashley Conaways, and Abreeya Browns that go unnoticed. Why?

While we continue to rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, lets not forget the thousands of people who are viciously murdered every year. Justice shouldn’t only be reserved for those whose families and friends are able to get social media to take notice, but for everyone who is a victim of crime.

Justice for Rekia Boyd: Who’s Rallying for Murdered Black Women? - Clutch (via notime4yourshit)


Rekia Boyd, Black Woman Shot By Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Dies


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CHICAGO - A woman shot by an off-duty Chicago police officer on Wednesday morning died Thursday. Family members say she was an innocent bystander and are calling for an investigation into her death.

“How could this be justified? They took my sister away from me,” said Martinez Sutton, the brother of 22-year-old Rekia Boyd.

The suburban man is grieving the loss of his sister, who died Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital after being shot in the head by an off-duty Chicago police officer.

Boyd and a man were both shot early Wednesday morning by an off-duty detective on the city’s West Side.

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