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“We did initially reach out to the Jokkmokk community when creating our event to ensure we had their blessing in our representation of them, which we received before moving forward with our event. We have always admired the Sami and are keen for any opportunities to open a dialogue with the community and its leaders to ensure there is no misrepresentation or ill feeling. If you could provide a contact address then we would happily discuss this with you further.” — LaplandUK

Some observations:

  • If you’ve been in touch with the Jokkmokk community, how is it that you need us to provide you with contact details to members of our community?
  • If you’ve been in touch with the Jokkmokk community, would you mind showing me where they - who are they more specifically? - where they gave you the right to use traditional Saami clothes from another area in order to misrepresent our cultures?
  • “The [implied homogenous Saami] community and its leaders”.
  • “a contact address”
  • that awkward moment when actual Saami complain and you want them to put you in touch with “our leaders”

“We have always admired the Sami”

So this sentence right here lets me know these people cant even be dealt with.

But really the entire response is a catalogue of fail.

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Fashion - or how the Fashion Industries Steal or Things
The lijnie is a traditional shawl worn by Saami women and this year Louis Vuitton is stealing the design and selling it for loads of money. 
Sorry Louis Vuitton, but my people wears it better than your skinny models.
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Fashion - or how the Fashion Industries Steal or Things

The lijnie is a traditional shawl worn by Saami women and this year Louis Vuitton is stealing the design and selling it for loads of money. 

Sorry Louis Vuitton, but my people wears it better than your skinny models.

Solveig Labba


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I just found out that a 14 years old Saami boy was attacked and physically abused by three men in Märsta, north of Stockholm.



The reason why? He was apparently wearing a Saami hat that his attackers didn’t like. 

The fuck?

This is the shit people who dare to publicly ‘out’ themselves as Saami in Sweden have to deal with on a regular basis. 

…yet we keep hearing about how there’s no racism over there.

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Aellieh saemesth - Or how the schools are killing our languages




Reading the news this morning was hard; what with the ongoing Breivik court case and everything else from back home, I would have preferred to not also have to read about things that in many ways resonate with my own school experiences. Yesterday, two brothers at a school in Liksjoe (Lycksele, Sweden) were forbidden to speak their indigenous language with each other, something which happened in my school as well, when I grew up.

When I grew up, speaking any language but Swedish meant spending the afternoon in detention where you would be told off for not thinking about the Swedish majority’s feelings - it was always assumed that we had been trash-talking Swedes if we dared use another language - and this in turn was then used as a way to deny people the right to study their own languages at all.

And by denying us the right to speak our highly endangered languages, they’re effectively killed off. In a world where intra-generational language transmission is coming to a halt, the schools have a vital role to play in the revitalization of our languages and this shows that Sweden as a nation simply couldn’t care less.

Before I go into any great detail about the news, however, let’s all remember that I am 25 years old and that it’s only nine years since I left the Swedish compulsory school system. Nine years is a very short time and yet for a country which constantly portrays itself as a Jeanne of Arc of human rights and equality, one would think that the days of forbidden languages would be long gone.

But apparently I was wrong.

Knowing how to speak, write and read your language is an important part of developing your own identity - if you cannot use your own language, you’ll likely try to suppress the parts of it that you’ve been denied.

To forbid someone from speaking their own language is to take their voice and ritually kill it in front of their eyes: it is the physical manifestation of a negative answer to Spivak’s question ‘Can the Subaltern Speak ?’

Now as back then, the reason as to why the school outlawed the speaking of any other language but Swedish can be summed up as a vague ‘it’s to support immigrants who otherwise wouldn’t learn how to speak Swedish properly’ and now as then this claim is completely wrong and only shows how ingrained the idea of the divine Swede is in Swedish society.

Even when we actively discriminate against others, we frame it in a way where our actions can be interpreted as a way of aiding the poor non-Swedes. Sweden is a prime example of a country who still believes and actively promotes the idea of a white man’s burden and there have been so many obvious examples of this in the news as of lately that I’m starting to reconsider my decision to move back to Sweden if I end up with the paid PhD I’m short-listed for. 

Fuck it all to hell.

Bolded for the astounding and heart-breaking parts.

This is still happening.

We are still denied the space for using and developing our languages and cultures in myriads of overt and covert ways. In 2012.

And we *keep* hearing about Sweden as an unracist paradise.

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what would you do if it was your children?


TW: child abuse, racism, bullying, mentions of

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Transethnic FTW



Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Apparently a clutch of privileged, delusional bigots have hijacked the term “transethnic,” ensuring that us Class Bastard adoptees and foster kids encounter even MORE dismissal and confusion in public discourse.

“Transethnic,” for those who don’t know, occurs in the context of adoption. For example, a white Jewish child is adopted by non Jews. Or a Saami kid by some other non-indigenous Scandinavians.

These are not transracial adoptions -because if you don’t know that PoC are effectively barred from adopting white children, then STFU already- they are transETHNIC. (Yes, I’m well aware that being Jewish for one does not always entail ethnicity.)

Transethnic can NOT be equated to transracial because of the profound protection that ever holy white privilege affords in the former, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s a prejudice-free walk in the park. No adoption is outside of fairy tales.

Before World War II officially broke out, different humanitarian organizations tried to place Jewish refugee children from Central Europe into Nordic homes. Today we can read about the rank bullshit they encountered through nationally archived correspondences:
“We don’t want Jewish children. Aren’t there any Aryan children?”

Of course nowadays, transethnic adoption runs at full throttle in Scandinavia and other rich, Western regions. Sweden in particular also takes the lead in transracial adoption, importing the largest number of adoptees among all Western countries in relation to their own population.

After a pro-Nazi war history and a long tradition of race thinking, self-righteous Sweden after 1945 wanted to be the paradise for human rights, democracy and anti-racism. Another less idealistic motive worth mentioning was the sudden disappearance of adoptable Swedish children during the decade as a result of rapid economic growth and a high participation of women in the labor force, as well as the development of an advanced social welfare system. Even more important is Sweden’s self image as the world’s most democratic country, a self-image recently challenged by the sudden appearance of a vigorous National Socialist movement and racism towards non-Western immigrants including adoptees. Intercountry adoption is in Sweden nothing else but a national project to uphold the country’s self-image.

-Tobias Hubinette

In the case of the Saami, transethnic adoption neatly accomplishes the Nordic status quo’s agenda of cultural genocide in a quiet, cheap and (more importantly) self-aggrandizing manner.

So maybe you can comprehend by now just how much it grinds my gears that some blisteringly ignorant douchebags have now co-opted “transethnic” in their selfish fucking attempt to disavow their complicity in the white supremacist global hegemony and claim that their “souls” aren’t white privileged.

Via NDNsurgency:

 It makes me sick to think about it because I’ve met a person in real life who claimed to be transethnic (though they didn’t use that label). When that person was told by multiple people that the idea was incredibly problematic and that they should re-think it— this person’s reaction was really scary. They screamed bloody murder about it until everyone had heard them because they felt like they had been SO wronged. They called us all racist… all of us POCs were being “racist” against a white person because we said that we had a problem with how they claimed to be both Black and Indigenous despite being white “in this life”. No, fuck that. FUCK THESE PEOPLE. THIS SHIT IS DANGEROUS AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. NO TIME AND SPACE FOR ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THIS SHIT.

Co-signed. Thanks a lot, you racist fucks. You just made it 10 times harder for adoptees to be heard in the critical contexts where we are already ignored, because adoption is still outrageously marketed as a progressive, enlightened endeavor, not the paternalistic for-profit BILLION dollar industry that it actually is.

If any of y’all know of any these shitheads, message me so I can block them, record their aliases, and make a list for all the world to see. X


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