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And to the Americans that don’t think racism is happening in Europe





Please, try and get it together. Europe is not doing anything great when it comes to race. So many POCs have to defend themselves. I mean you have Nigerians getting killed in Ireland, blacks immigrants being shot down in Italy (all approved by government). How many POCs have to walk around defending themselves in Eastern Europe? Countless numbers. The exploitation and killing of the Roma population is disgusting. I remember when I was last in Austria they set alight a caravan and killed a family of people. There is deep seated racism and prejudice. France is another example just look at how successful Le Pen has been. This goes on and on and on. Even during the 2006 World Cup they warned Africans not to go around Eastern Germany after a certain time. The treatment of Turks and Arabs. Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that Europe is no utopia. Don’t think racism isn’t as vicious over here.

To any Americans following me please READ THIS POST and STFU about OMG Europe is sooo much better. NO! NO! 

Racism is everywhere. EVERYWHERE