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If you’re a black chick with a white bestie who’s shagging a vampire GET THE FUCK OUT!!! cos bitch you are about to say hello to whole universe of hurt all justified by the need to keep the precious white bestie alive. Smh! Over this shit.

I was thinking about this today. Because the black girls on Buffy died & they weren’t her bestie. But Willow got to be the most powerful witch out of being Buffy’s bestie. Tara’s maybe dead, maybe a vamp & Bonnie can’t ever win. So, where’s the joy in current vamp romance for black female viewers? Hell, where the joy for POC viewers period? Why do we need to abuse, crush, maim, kill, all the black people even in vampire fic? Oh…right. I already know the answer don’t I?




So much perfection together 

See what happens when I troll the Ian Somerhalder tag? Well, can’t say I don’t hate it. 

This works in any fandom of mine. Yes. And so useful for real life too. I approve.



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