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Anonymous asked: Someone on Facebook is insisting that Planned Parenthood was originally started as a way of “cleansing out” racial minorities. Is there any truth to this?



Sanger was racist as fuck, but whether that was her original intention I honestly do not know.

Here’s the thing though, most of modern medicine started out racist as fuck. If PoC aren’t supposed to use things that began racist, we wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing! Planned Parenthood today provides a very desperately needed service. In some communities, it’s the only place people can go to get affordable and quality healthcare. Are they perfect with a spotless history? No, but nothing in this world is. People shouldn’t be denied access to healthcare because the person who founded the group was racist as fuck.

Also, it’s very disingenuous for “pro-life” folks to bring up Sanger and Planned Parenthood being racist when it’s quite obvious most of them don’t give two shits about the black and brown babies that already populate this Earth.

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The truth is that Margaret Sanger was in fact a very committed eugenicist. And, no, Planned Parenthood wasn’t started as a way to “clean out” racial minorities, but whether that was a specific aim of Sanger personally remains unclear. One of the more bandied-about quotes on pro-life sites and texts in support of this is from a letter she wrote to Clarence Gamble (who later went on to found Proctor & Gamble, the company):

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Her words that support this idea can also be drawn from  The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda (oct. 1921):

In this matter, the example of the inferior classes, the fertility of the feeble-minded, the mentally defective, the poverty-stricken classes, should not be held up for emulation to the mentally and physically fit though less fertile parents of the educated and well-to-do classes. On the contrary, the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.

Possibly drastic and Spartan methods may be forced upon society if it continues complacently to encourage the chance and chaotic breeding that has resulted from our stupidly cruel sentimentalism.

The “drastic and spartan methods” were in fact later put into practice by the American government as widespread forced sterilizations of the “mentally ill, mentally retarded, and epileptic”, whom by the 1960’s consisted nearly entirely of young Black women:

Over 8,000 sterilizations were approved by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina. The total number of victims actually sterilized is estimated to have been over 7,600 (Winston-Salem, “Lifting the Curtain on a Shameful Era”).  Of this number, females represented approx. 85% of those sterilized (State Library, “Statistics,” p. 1).  By the late 1960s, the sterilization of men was virtually halted, as women made up 99% of those sterilized (Sinderbrand, p. 1).African Americans represent 39% of those sterilized overall; by the later 1960s, they made up 60% of those sterilized, even though they made up only a quarter of the population (Sinderbrand, p. 1).Of those sterilized up to 1963, 25% were considered mentally ill and 70% were considered mentally deficient.  In each of these categories, females account for over 75% of the sterilizations.North Carolina ranked third in the United States for the total number of people sterilized.

That being said, to postulate that Black folks shouldn’t use birth control because of this history is fucking preposterous for two reasons:

1. the obvious difference between HAVING A CHOICE and NOT having a choice

2. most of the people making this argument aren’t Black folks but white politicians appropriating racism in order to perpetuate it.

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Anonymous asked: do you not like gaga? ok she is a cracker but still you dont have to have her as your picture. she is really nice.


That time she paraded around in a grossly insulting approximation of a burqa was extremely nice.That time she insinuated that trans women weren’t “real” women was also super nice too!The way she called people “chola” and “orient” in Born This Way was like the nicest thing ever!!!!!!!

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Anonymous asked: Would you be able to tell me why Abraham Lincoln was a racist, or direct me anywhere where I can get an honest explanation of how and why he was a white supremacist?


“I am not nor ever have been in favor of the social and political equality of the white and black races: that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters of the free negroes, or jurors, or qualifying them to hold office or having them to marry with white people…. I as much as any other man am in favor of the superior position being assigned to the white man.” — Abraham Lincoln

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about Laci Green?


Mini Jessica Valenti. Says the exact same things fat people, trans people, and other marginalized groups have been saying for years and gets credit for being “original” and “ground breaking.” Throw in a bit of Islamaphobia and a non-apology apology and you have your typical special snowflake white girl who wants a cookie for being a decent human being.

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Anonymous asked: He wasn’t told not to. He was told “you don’t need to do that” by someone who had no police authority. He was following someone who was acting suspicious by walking behind apartments and peeking in to windows. Zimmerman did not start the physical altercation and according to witness reports was on his back screaming for help as Trayvon rained down MMA style blows to his face and head.


Yes, he was. When the dispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that”, there was NO REASON for him to continue to follow Trayvon down the damn street. Anyone with half a damn brain wouldn’t have continued to follow the child. If anything, Trayvon was probably the one who felt threatened. He was walking home from the store on a rainy night and a random man starts following him in his car while talking on the phone. That random man then gets out of his car and approaches him. How the fuck would you feel if that happened to you? Zimmerman got his ass beat because he was stalking a damn child like he was hunting a deer. When he was on the losing side of the fight, he decided to kill the child. That is not self defense. You do not get to stalk people, start fights, and then claim “self defense” when you kill that person because you were losing.

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thelittlekneesofbees, dionthesocialist and inlovewithrobertsheehan present: “So, You Decided to be Black.”


So, you decided to be Black. All you had to do was click a button with your pale ass fingers and vavoom! Youz a negro! Now you can derail every argument!

Welcome to the land of being a niggeaux!

Here are some steps to start living your real nigga life.

Step One. 

You can never go back to being white. (We lost a lot of you niggeauxs with that one, huh?) Realize that if you aren’t in Africa(and sometime, even there), whenever you hear an adjective, people aren’t automatically talking about you.

Oh, but don’t worry, white people, like your former self will GLADLY point that shit out for you on a daily. Are you gay? No, you’re a black gay/gay black person.(And people will always forget you can be both) Are you selfish? No, you are a selfish black person.(And people will never forget you can be both) Oh, be sure to notice how people say, ‘black’ with disgust when this happens.

Step Two.

Since you started off White, you are going to be a dark skinned Black person to truly lose any color privilege. So, don’t bother watching TV because you’ll hardly ever find yourself there. Your hair, consider it nonexistent. You’re an alien to White people now, they don’t know how to really deal with ‘your type.’ You’ll be rejected from salons and told to get rid of the way your hair grew out of your head permanently. 

Step Three.

Stop talking to family and friends. Chances are, if you only pretend to be a niggeaux online. Mufuckas must hate us around your parts.

Step Four:

Now that you have no family or friend, at least you have your identity right? Woah! You were planning on being an individual? Stop right there. From now on, whatever you wear, read, watch, and eat is no longer your own business, but is subject to the scrutiny of every person you know. Listen to rap? You’re a stereotype. Don’t listen to rap? You’re a race traitor. Wear Jordans? You’re too black. Wear Vans? You’re not black enough. Eat chicken? You suck. Don’t eat chicken? You suck. And don’t bother looking for any kind of perfect medium for this, cause it don’t exist.

This is a starting list for all anons who want to hide behind a face of an identity that isn’t yours. Collect yourselves. 

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Anonymous asked: It’s raining out today, so when I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck, I wore my favorite green hoodie. I went in, smiled at the teller, gave her my check, she gave me my balance, and I went on my merry way. It wasn’t until I was on my way out that I was struck by my own privilege. There’s a sign on the door, specifically telling people to take off their hats, sunglasses, and hoodies as they enter. I left my hood up and no-one said a word. I am not Trayvon Martin. I am privileged.


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Anonymous asked: To add on to my “durr, idiot” comment: we had an Irish president before a black one, by about sixty years, when it was still legal in some states to lynch black people. My family never had a burning cross put on our yard for being micks, we got it for allowing black customers at our auto repair shop you simple fuck. From one Irish to another: shut the fuck up and let the grown ups talk.



Anonymous asked: Why is this funny to you? I think that anon was spot on. You sit around here like we should apologize for being born white. If me and some colored dude get hired for the same job and I get paid more, do you really expect me to ask to get the same money as him? White guilt sucks! I don’t want to feel guilty. You don’t like being black? I hear they got bleaching creams and stuff. Get the michael jackson technique done or something. If YOU dont like it, YOU fix it.


“colored dude”?? hahahhaaaahahaaa!!

i loooooooove being black

and i also looooove laughing at you as well as many of my followers do as well


Anonymous asked: A 17 year old is not a child! He was ignorant to Mr. Zimmerman and threatened him by asking, “What’s your problem?” What the problem is that a 17 year old was hanging around a gated and secure neighborhood. Good job Mr. Zimmerman for protecting your neighborhood. I’d gladly move there any day. No sympathy for this hoodlum.


If I said half of the things I’m thinking right now, I’d be flooded with a good amount of hate mail that I don’t want. So, I’m going to leave this gif here and hope that was supposed to be sarcasm.

I just…