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Dumb Things White People Say: The Pink Triangle, or Rosa Winkel


[Trigger Warning for discussion of homophobia, nazism, torture, murder and genocide]

I’m still seeing people who are arguing that the appropriation of the triangle by AVEN isn’t a big deal.

So, a quick history lesson is in order.

[Image may be triggering as it shows…

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Attempted Danger: The Relationship Misunderstanding: Or, the Problem of Mixed Friendship


So I want to briefly write about this conundrum because it’s something I’ve got a history with—a painful history—and something I’ve noticed plenty of asexuals and aromantics also experience. For some reason, it suddenly became clear to me in a new way, and while none of this will surprise asexuals…

Because the sexual person (who is entitled to their own happiness after all) doesn’t want that kind of commitment. It sucks, but no one is entitled to make someone else adhere to their definition of a happy relationship if it is not what the other person wants.

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