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This impressive monument in Heilongjiang Province is a war memorial in honor of Eight Women Soldiers of Wuchang who fended off the invading Japanese army in 1938. The Chinese had been been taking heavy losses in a fierce battle at Wuchang, when these eight soldiers of the Women’s Regiment decided to make a stand which would allow some of their comrades to retreat. They all sustained injuries and fought until they ran out of ammunition, at which point they joined hands and threw themselves into the swift waters of the Wusihun River in order to avoid enemy capture.

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South African woman caught smuggling 1.5kg of cocaine in her hair on flight to Bangkok


A woman was caught trying to smuggle 1.5 kilograms of cocaine in her dreadlocks on a flight to Bangkok, it was reported today.

South African Nobanda Nolubabalo, 23, was arrested and held in Thailand’s capital yesterday after customs officers allegedly noticed a suspicious white substance in her hair.

Thailand’s Bangkok Post reported that the smuggled cocaine had a street value of £93,000 (4.5 million baht).

The newspaper reported: ‘Authorities found something unusual about her dreadlocks.

Officials later carried out a search and discovered she had allegedly matted the Class A drug into her dreadlocks before boarding a flight from Brazil.

‘A search found traces of white substance which turned out to be cocaine.

‘A total of 1.5kg of cocaine was found hidden in her hair.’

Nolubabalo was today being held in custody after being held at Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi Airport as she disembarked a Qatar Airways flight which had come from Sao Paolo via Doha.

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unpopular opinion continued?


a follow-up to this post in response to the question below; made rebloggable on request.

printshayde asked:

As a white person applying to teach in Korea- I’ve been reading about this issue and heard from two friends of mine, one Australian of Vietnamese decent and Filipino girl who can’t get jobs in Korea. They are both excellent teachers. Unfortunately all blogs on teaching in Korea are mostly run by white people so no one has a good perspective on why this actually is. I’ve also talked to black and dark-skinned teachers and they have had a whole slew of problems directly related to their appearance. I think I had a related question at the beginning of this reply but I’ve completely forgotten it. Sorry…

my response:

note: i am a diasporic korean living in the US, so my experiences aren’t those of a korean living in korea. i can’t speak for all koreans and this is just a product of various conversations and experiences i’ve had with other diasporic koreans, my family (in both places), koreans in korea, and white people (in both places). i am not an “authentic” or “objective” source by any means, and especially not in the ways that white people often need POC to be for them to care. the parts on ethnic/racial discrimination towards minority groups in korea, though, is pretty much fact, i could give books/sources if people were curious.

your friends who are viet and pilipina probably can’t get jobs teaching english in korea because they aren’t white enough. black and dark-skinned teachers in korea probably have a shit time in korea because they aren’t white enough. all blogs on teaching in korea are probably mostly run by white people because…. they’re white, and not only have better access to teaching english in korea but also have more power in korea than other asians and people of color do.

korea is a place that has been deeply colonized by the US, even if it’s coded in the terms of “intervention,” “support,” and “partnership.” due to this, korea also has some terrifying racial logics that almost exactly mirror those of the US and other western or european countries. pilipin@ (and i believe other southeast asian) people are marginalized against and exploited because they aren’t the good, civilized, modernized kind of asian that koreans often imagine themselves to be. pilipin@ (and other asian and brown) migrants in korea are often relegated to the worst of the worst jobs, receive little or no protection from exploitation, live under the threat of deportation (ex: a number of migrant labor organizers and union leaders have been deported back to the PI to silence dissent), and so on. because they are racialized as being exploitable/expendable, their worth is incredibly devalued. how they are survielled, exploited and live under threat of deportation is parallel to how the US treats its own migrant worker population and the tactics used in the fight against “illegal immigrants.”

black and darker-skinned people are marginalized against in similar ways. i think that korean antiblackness is something that follows and reproduces white antiblackness… it can be pretty vile. i know less about its particulars in korea (more about it in korean american contexts) but i know it exists. especially towards mixed race black koreans because of associations with US soldiers and korean women sex workers post-korean war/US occupation (strong stigma of being borne of GI and prostitute). 

english is the language of the colonizer, the language of those in power. english is the language of white people and white america. learning english is like a gateway towards accessing that mythical power of the colonizer, whiteness. even if a korean/an asian person/a non-asian person of color could speak and teach english JUST as well as a white person could, it’s still not as good as white people speaking it because english is seen as being the rightful property of white people. i feel like the mentality is like, oh, if an actual authentic white person can teach english to us, then why have a second-class non-white person teach it? so even bilingual koreans who probably have way more cultural competency are seen as less valuable than a monolingual white person, which… makes absolutely no sense and demonstrates some profound racism in the entire “teach english in korea!” system.

most white people who teach english would probably violently disagree with me. i recently read a piece by a native korean on how she, and many other koreans, disliked white monolingual english teachers in korea. not simply because they couldn’t speak korean, but because they demonstrated a complete lack of regard for korean culture, korean people, and korean land; as well as an unwillingness to engage respectfully. they would carry their white supremacist bullshit into korea, assuming that they could do whatever the fuck they wanted and have koreans still love them (as colonizers generally assume the colonized to be okay with being shat on constantly). this person was hella jumped on and attacked by white english teachers in korea who were unbelievably racist, hostile, defensive, rude, ignorant, and obnoxious to her.

a lot of white people don’t realize that they are not as welcome in korea as they would like to believe, and when they begin to sense this, they freak out because ~why on earth would the colonized be so ungrateful~, right?  even if… in the past year alone koreans found loads of napalm buried by the US military in korean soil, have witnessed one of their most beautiful islands begin to be destructed by a US naval base, have had more korean women and girls raped by US troops, and have witnessed the undemocratic, exploitative, and destructive korea-US free trade agreement pass in closed chambers (resulting in koreans demonstrating by the thousands [ongoing]). yes, many koreans are in love with the fantasy of whiteness, but there is also anger and resentment that runs deep.

if you go to korea as a white person teaching english, you’ll probably end up having a fairly nice time… you’ll get to eat amazing street food from the pojangmachas that president lee, the beloved of american corporations, is trying to wipe out of seoul to “clean up” and modernize (aka westernize) the streets. maybe you’ll go to jeju island, a breathtakingly beautiful island that is in the process of being polluted and destroyed by the US and korean militaries. you can party in hongdae or sinchon, where some clubs have banned white military men from coming into due to rapes they perpetrated against korean women while in them. you can go out in itaewon and have a blast, where my family told me not to go to at night because that’s where the american soldiers “do bad things” (citing stories and myths of US troops mistaking korean women/girls for prostitutes and raping them — a problematic narrative that reifies the notion that sex workers can’t be raped because they’re sex workers, yet is one that is also inherently connected to the legacies of sexual violence and rapes perpetrated against korean women during and after the korean war by americans). if you’re a cis white woman, maybe you’ll be able to bond with some of the cis/straight/white men who are also teaching english in korea and make friends with them, as you may be oblivious to the ways in which many of them fetishize, exoticize, objectify, stalk, and harass korean women — whether or not you notice or care, though, your whiteness will protect you from such racialized threats, allowing for such bonds to occur.

if you don’t know any korean you might have a bit of a rough time finding your way around, but luckily there are translations for everything in english and many people will know at least a bit of english to meet your needs. if you do know korean, then koreans will be amazed and fawn over you for your “great korean!” even if it’s awful (while diasporic koreans who go back will be shit on for not having a perfect accent — and mixed race and korean adoptees will forever be given the side eye or shit talk whether or not they speak korean). if you are fluent in korean as a white person, then people might treat you with awe, wonder, and love, because it’s so great when white people think so highly of us that they want to learn our culture (it almost makes it feel like we’re equals!!! even though koreans are pressured to learn english as a requirement for being successful and white people don’t have to treat any second language like that). 

like many white people teaching english in korea, you may feel free to let loose like you never did before at home with no accountability, which, i would imagine, could feel very nice. i also imagine that many white people teaching english in korea haven’t thought twice about any of these things because they have the luxury of not having to care about it or feel the repercussions. white people in korea are still given jobs and respect even when they lack common decency, knowledge of conversational korean language, humility, and respect for others; even when they may be much less qualified to do things like teach english than others. it’s no wonder that there is a general sense that a white person can party hard!!! and escape from the shitty US job market while actually offering very few qualifications or strong teaching abilities — because they can. 

anyway, hope this can give you more insight on some of the things you brought up — and this is written generally at obnoxious, ignorant, and racist white people who teach english in korea (not you specifically as an attack). wrote this in a rush so my bad if this is written confusingly.

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Evidence for interbreeding with Neanderthals, only Africans pure



Leipzig - An international team of scientists have successfully sequenced the Neanderthal genome, and the evidence shows that humans in Europe, Asia and Papua New Guinea carry Neanderthal genes - while African peoples are 100 percent human.

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An international team led by scientists from the respected Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig have successfully sequenced 65 percent of the Neanderthal genome. It is the first time that the genetic code of an extinct human relative has been decoded, and the present announcement cam after 4 years of diligent study.

The results of this study, published Thursday last week, are similar to the findings reported (and foretold) last month here in Digital Journal, but the final publication of this study by researchers Svante Pääbo, Adrian Briggs and colleagues truly shows that years of denial about interbreeding between the two primates should now really come to an end.

One of the co-authors of the scientific paper, Adrian Briggs, stated unambiguously that the DNA of “Humans and Neandertals are 99.5 percent identical,” as is quoted in the English language section of Der Spiegel.

Better yet, and a blow to Caucasian and Asian racists, the comparison of the human and Neanderthal genome makes it clear that it is only Africans who are 100 percent Homo sapiens, while in European (including American and Australian settlers) and Asian populations one can find up to 4 percent DNA stemming from the archaic and often maligned Neanderthal species - a hominid that went extinct more than 20,000 years ago. A graphic designer at the BBC has transformed this information into a surprising graphic everyone should take a look at (see above).

Meanwhile, the team keeps working in order to isolate the last 35 percent of the genome as well, and perhaps we’ll see even more interesting revelations in the future.

Detractors remain, of course, especially since archeologists have until now come to different conclusions and have a different timetable when it comes to human evolution. A New York Times article from May 6 gives voice to these two ways of thinking.

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Only Africans are pure? Wait until the guys at Stormfront read about this.

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(TW: Mention of rape, human trafficking, organ harvesting, images of deceased corpses) 

Death in the desert: Tribesmen exploit battle to reach Israel

El Arish, Egypt (CNN) — “I wanted to build a good future for my family, but I failed,” a weak Issam Abdallah Mohammed said in a videotaped statement.

The refugee from the Darfur region of Sudan was trying to illegally cross the border from Egypt to Israel when he was discovered and shot by Egyptian border guards.

Less than an hour after taping the statement, Issam was dead, succumbing to the wounds inflicted by the gunshots.

Every year, thousands of refugees, mostly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, attempt the dangerous journey from their war-torn countries to Israel in search of economic prosperity and stability.

Very few make it, and the results of the failed migration can be seen in the morgue of the central hospital in the Egyptian port town of El Arish.

When a CNN crew visited there recently, all the refrigeration units were broken, leaving a biting stench of decaying corpses in the air, which staff members attempted in vain to cover up with chlorine-based cleaner and incense.

On any given day, the morgue will be packed with the bodies of African refugees who died trying to make it to Israel.

Hamdy Al-Azazy spends a lot of time here as head of the New Generation Foundation for Human Rights, which tries to help African refugees in Egypt.

Every week, Al-Azazy combs the desert, searching for corpses, ensuring that they get a dignified burial.

He has spent the past seven years helping the refugees. Many are enslaved and tortured and the women raped by the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai if they are unable to come up with large sums of money the Bedouin try to extort from them and their families, to smuggle the refugees across the border into Israel. As a result, many remain imprisoned in camps on the Sinai Peninsula.

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“Not all Muslims are the same. Each people group is beautifully different. Central Asian Muslims are unique in their influence from the Soviet Union, as well as Islam.”

“Not all Muslims are the same. Each people group is beautifully different. Central Asian Muslims are unique in their influence from the Soviet Union, as well as Islam.”

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National Geographic

Boy With Balloons, India Photograph by Kamala Kannan, My ShotBy photographing the shadow of the child running with balloons rather than the actual child, the photographer captured an image that immediately stops us in our tracks. Though the shadow is flat, it has so much movement and life. What is most surprising is how vibrant the colors are, and this is because the background is white/off-white.
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Boy With Balloons, India
Photograph by Kamala Kannan, My Shot
By photographing the shadow of the child running with balloons rather than the actual child, the photographer captured an image that immediately stops us in our tracks. Though the shadow is flat, it has so much movement and life. What is most surprising is how vibrant the colors are, and this is because the background is white/off-white.

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Akha Hill Tribe girl


Akha Hill Tribe girl

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