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If Samcedes does kiss before Brittana, blood will be shed.




What does Samcedes have to do with Brittana? Furthermore, you know who hasn’t had a legitimate onscreen kiss in the entirety of three seasons? Mercedes Jones. To me, that trumps two girls who’ve had multiple makeout sessions with multiple folks onscreen if she and Sam actually kiss. So, be mad at the writers.  Mercedes has been neglected in the love department far more than either Brittany or Santana; she’s well overdue.

While it’s true that this is the first time Mercedes has been shown as a person of true sexual and romantic interest, you sort of don’t get it. Those “multiple make out sessions with multiple folks” don’t mean any more than Mercedes’s relationship with Puck or Kurt’s making out with Brittany did. Mercedes doesn’t actually trump two girls in a relationship with each other who have managed to go since season 1 without ever kissing. If you compare the two couples/characters to Finchel, the straight white couple, you’ll see that there’s no point in saying that one has it better than the other because they’re both being fucked over. They’re both problems but one isn’t worse than the other. 

It seems like these two fandoms are too wrapped up in their own problems to realize that the other is experiencing the effects of prejudice just like they are. 

Brittany loved Artie. And you don’t think Brittana kissed offscreen?  But completely disregarding both Santana and Brittany were shown to be desired and wanted is equal to Mercedes being an involuntarily celibate mammy for the majority of two seasons is disingenuous. The main point is, however, why get annoyed at Samcedes about something they have nothing to do with - that being a Brittana onscreen kiss.  Brittana has made out with each other (yes, no onscreen kiss, but they still had a heavy scene of affection between them); not to mention little moments. I do empathize with wanting an onscreen kiss between them. I’m a Mercedes fan - I’ve wanted her to get some legit loving for eons it seems - but I don’t understand the devaluing of what you have gotten, which is far more than a couple like them could be getting, quite honestly.