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Cam’ron makes a Fashion Faux Pas.


Cam’ron felt stupid. He put his hands in the pockets of his fur coat and watched the girls at the car wash. It was a hot afternoon. Cam’ron thought his fur coat would look good. But he just felt stupid.

The girls were raising money for a sports team. They were washing Range Rovers and spraying each other with the hose. Cam’ron came to help, but he seemed out of place.

Stupid, he thought to himself. The fur coat was a stupid idea.

“Hehehe,” the girls said. They sprayed the hose at each other. “Hehehe.” They were so happy and cool and wet.

The girls turned the hose on Cam’ron. “Oh no!” He shielded his face. “Don’t!”

The water hit the sleeve of his fur coat. “Don’t do it,” he whispered. “This cost— this cost—” but he didn’t know what to say, because he didn’t want to admit that he bought the coat on sale at Target.

I may never stop laughing. Ever.