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Okay.  Reasons that this scene is the best thing ever include but are by no means limited to:

  • how well Maisie Williams is holding her own here, I mean here she is playing against this amazing veteran actor and she’s just bringing it
  • the way this is like her fucked-up revenge fantasy of what she wishes her brother could do to the Lannisters
  • but she’s already disillusioned enough to know it’s a fantasy
  • because “anyone can be killed” is an implicit threat to Tywin but it’s also an acknowledgement of the fact that she or Robb or anyone else can bite it at any time
  • (because apparently Arya has already read ASOIAF and knows how fucked they all are)
  • and let’s talk about the fact that this kid just threatened Tywin Lannister
  • whose own kids can barely look him in the face when they’re talking to him
  • his kids who are grownups and have killed kings and won battles and run kingdoms are terrified of him
  • and he looks at Arya and thinks “why aren’t my kids awesome like you”
  • “you’re like five years old and you just threatened me, you little badass”
  • (‘cause don’t think for a second that Tywin doesn’t get the subtext here)
  • “why do my children have to be such cringing little asshats”
  • (but of course Tywin is the one who made them into cringing little asshats.)

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