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A friend of mine asked me recently, was I gonna go see the new Batman movie with him. It’s just I don’t respect the concept of Batman because of what I understand about politics now… I’mma lay it out for you: rich dude owns a corporation. Has state of the art equipment, and he uses this to beat up on street level crime. He doesn’t mess with the industrialists, or the super capitalists, or the Murdochs, or the Trumps. He really just fuck with the person that’s just on the corner. Batman is a conservative’s wet dream. Fuck Batman.

- Reginald D. Hunter (via honda)

Also he’s turned Gotham into an arena for playing out his own twisted little psychodrama, avenging his parents’ death over and over again, which is why he doesn’t just fucking kill the recurring villains and spare everybody the danger of their continual reappearances.

He’s a big rich man and he doesn’t want to deal with his feelings in any kind of healthy way, so an entire city is vulnerable to terrorist attack on a more or less daily basis for the sake of his sad, creepy power games.

Fuck Batman.

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Stereotypes about black female criminality and irresponsibility legitimate the massive disruption that both systems inflict on black families and communities. A popular mythology promoted over centuries portrays black women as unfit to bear and raise children. The sexually licentious Jezebel, the family-demolishing Matriarch, the devious Welfare Queen, the depraved pregnant crack addict accompanied by her equally monstrous crack baby—all paint a picture of a dangerous motherhood that must be regulated and punished. Unmarried black women represent the ultimate irresponsible mothers—women who raises their children without the supervision of a man. These stereotypes do not simply percolate in some disembodied white psyche. They are reinforced and recreated by foster care and prison, which leave the impression that black women are naturally prone to commit crimes and abuse their children. Stereotypes of maternal irresponsibility created and enforced by the child welfare system’s disproportionate supervision of black children help to sustain mass incarceration, and stereotypes of black female criminality help to sustain foster care. As Angela Davis observes, the prison–industrial complex “relies on racialized assumptions of criminality—such as images of black welfare mothers reproducing criminal children—and on racist practices in arrest, conviction, and sentencing patterns.” The joint production of stereotypes in the child welfare and prison systems helps to explain why juvenile justice authorities send black delinquents to juvenile detention while referring white delinquents to informal alternatives for the same offenses. Many officials think that all black children come from female-headed households that are ill equipped to handle a troubled child simply because their mothers are not married. Because they perceive black single mothers as incapable of providing adequate supervision of their children, officials believe they are justified in placing these children under state control.

Dorothy E. Roberts, “Prison, Foster Care, and the Systemic Punishment of Black Mothers

This is just a tiny snippet of the conclusion, but if you have a chance to read the whole thing please do. The full text pdf is at the source.

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Number of young African American women in prison rises


Nikki Jones, a sociologist from UC Santa Barbara and Meda Chesney Lind, University of Hawaii, and attendee of the conference, has studied the statistics of imprisoned black girls for over 10 years and explained, “we have never seen these kind of numbers before,” reports EthnoBlog.

So far, the cause for this epidemic has been attributed to national zero tolerance policies and a justice system that treats girls of color differently than white girls.

“Here’s a lesser-known red flag in the black community: the fastest growing incarcerated population in the country is African American girls and young women. What does not seem to be rising however, is the number of black girls who are actually committing crimes.”

Sick of home: Is George Zimmerman's story falling apart?



Forensic voice identification experts tell the Orlando Sentinel that the final screams before the fatal gunshot — captured in a neighbor’s 911 call — aren’t from Zimmerman. Following last week’s release of police video showing an apparently unharmed Zimmerman soon after Martin allegedly beat his head on the ground, “the pile of evidence bringing Zimmerman’s claims into question grows deeper every day,” says Timothy Lange at Daily Kos

How do the experts know, and how damning is this clue? 

And now they think Zimmerman’s not being completely honest. They needed “experts” to tell them what we already knew.



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We have lots of communities in America that have drug use, drug dealing, and no violence. They’re called ‘suburbs.’

California-based criminologist David Kennedy, discussing why targeting inner-city drug use won’t cut violent crime. Via the Washington Monthly. (via motherjones)

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Look closely: Two black players “mugged” the white player and “took what’s theirs.” ESPN doing a fine job of unbiased journalism here…. #RacistMuch

… huh. 



Look closely: Two black players “mugged” the white player and “took what’s theirs.” ESPN doing a fine job of unbiased journalism here…. #RacistMuch

… huh. 



I had a long post written about the Lawrence King verdict.

But it’s not even worth it.

32 years after Harvey Milk, the lives of GLBT are still treated as disposable. 

Matthew Shepard, Dashon Harvey, Brandon TeenaTerrance AerielIofemi Hightower, Scott Amedure, Marcellus Andrews, Gwen Araujo, Barry Winchell, Michael Sandy, James Craig AndersonLashai McLean, Anthony Perkins, Scotty Joe Weaver, Mitrice Richardson, Sakia Gunn & countless others, all gone.

For nothing.

How much more?