Full Moon by Sotirios Papadopoulos

A striking credenza, with a photo-realistic, luminous image of the moon printed on its surface.

Coated with ELI (Eco Light Inside), an eco-friendly material developed by the designer, which creates a realistic, glowing effect when the lights go out.

Ships with an accompanying CD of original music designed specifically for this piece.




By Pudelskern Design, this is one of my favourite all time lighting designs, it has that really unusual creature-like appearance, plus it’s knitted which is cool. 

Is it an eye, or is it a lamp? Smoothly it turns its head and searches the ground. From the corner it follows the dark edges and spaces in between, illuminating spots the sun never reaches. Looking like a dweller of unknown worlds, Feeler is a flexible lamp. The cosy tube can be used as a cuddling lamp on the floor or as sculptural lamp, pendant or freestanding. Feeler is a good friend for a lifetime.

I imagine it being in Monsters Inc. creeping behind you, looking over your shoulder. Reading a book with this would look surreal and wonderful, whacky fantastic idea.