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Please help me



[tw eating disorder/recovery]

My name is Emma. I have an eating disorder.

I am trying to recover and struggling to eat again.  I am asking all of you for help and solidarity.

How can you help?


I want to be excited for food!  I want to want to eat.  I want to have recipes that make me feel hungry. 

Please send me your favorite easy-to-make recipes here at my recovery food blog!  Simple foods that will make me feel good eating them :)  I will publish all of the recipes, as well as what I make when I can make them.  I want this to be a shared experience, so allies can submit recipes as well as people who have EDs.  Feel free to make the foods on this blog and let me know how they come out!

Please follow me at recoverycuisine and send me your recipes.  I am so grateful.  And if you could reblog this and get the word out, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you. <3


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