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this song makes me so mad.  if you don’t understand the lyrics its a beautiful song but this shit is triflin’.  basically shaming a woman for doing sex work in a country that wasn’t even independent from colonial forces until after my dad left… “officially”.

says she bruk out at the age of 7

started dancin’ at the age of 11 […]

one man can’t satisfy her […]

so from prostitution work she can’t retire

why do you think there is such a boom in tourism?  you don’t think that could be at all related to the boom in the sexual exploitation of children?  do you think children and women willingly get into sex work?  who the fuck you think them gyals (and boys) is dancin’ for?


nikka ain’t you a rasta?  you just exempt from protecting your daughters or something? why don’t you sip ya gahdamn root drink and take a rasclaat seat.

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