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Is this the last female sexual taboo?






side eye. you have to be white to be thinking masturbation is “the last” female sexual taboo. seriously. im always left wondering where the fuck do ya’ll live?

Can you elaborate?

for WOC color simply existing =sexual taboo. we havent even gotten to bodily autonomy yet, much less masturbation, i mean. really.

I completely agree with you on that point, although i wouldn’t say that it’s something than can’t apply to white women—that is, i’m not saying it’s not a race issue (it patently is) but i don’t think it’s wholly a race issue.

I certainly think that it would behoove us all to remember than outside of a very small group of (yes, probably white), independently wealthy, upper-middle class women, feminine sexuality is completely off the table.
Sexuality is denied to poor women, working-class women, disabled women, older women, women in religious communities. The only arena in which these women are afforded some license, really, is within the sphere of mental health—although paradoxically “promiscuity” and “sexual deviance” are also frequently the very measures used to exert control over us—and it’s not as if, outside of very specific communities (i’m thinking here of very orthodox, kabbalistic Jewish populations, as an example) turning to the “madness” idiom ever really provided any liberation whatsoever.

And even (elaborating for a moment on the Judaism point) within those communities where turning to the culturally-sanctioned “madness” has been an option (if we understand dybbuk possession as a culture-specific syndrome a la, e.g., koro or amok), that “liberation” only involves moving from one kind of marginalisation to another (albeit one that is culturally acceptable as a means to express a sexuality that women are otherwise denied) and, further, involves reinforcing the traditional doxa and religious symbolism used to control women’s sexuality.

But, no, i definitely agree that the linked article comes from a place of definite privilege in comparison to the reality of most women’s sexual lives/social deaths.

yeah…more specifically,  black women have been literally used, bought and sold and continue to be commodified, so, yeah,…….many people were not considered at all when this article was written and titled.

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