This ought to be common sense but apparently people don’t think of this so I’m actually going to have to make a post about this on my blog.

Look. If someone calls/ messages/ emails/ WHATEVER you, asking for contact details of another person, and doesn’t identify themselves, do not, I repeat, DO NOT give said anonymous person the contact info of whoever they’re inquiring after.

Instead, ask the anonymous person for their name and why they want the contact of your friend, and how to contact them back, and then YOU contact your friend and give then said (initially) anonymous person’s contact. Then your friend can call them back or not, it’s up to them. Even if the anonymous person is not anonymous and may identify themselves as someone who knows your friend (and who they know), or even if YOU know who the caller is, do NOT give them someone else’s contact information. That if not your place nor your right to do. It is up to your friend if they want other person to have their contact available.

Please. This is really important to the safety and well being of people.

Yes, this should be common sense, but it’s obviously not. I see this situation so often. I have a hard and fast rule about this: if they wanted you to have their contact info (or to know where they are & when they’ll be back) you wouldn’t be having to ask me! And I have had to lay this out for people in my life too! Call me paranoid. Call me unfriendly. Whatever. I call me STILL ALIVE. I especially run into this with old friends who know my legal name and get asked by classmates about me. I had to bluntly say for those lifelong friends I have - do not tell a soul that this is me, do not share my new name or anything about me. And I’ve been teased about this at work too, but after having my ex-husband show up at the office unexpectedly, they understood why I am the way I am about who has access to my people without them being prepared or able to say no. I know one co-worker’s husband thinks I’m a bitch but that fool has done some dirty stuff and no, he doesn’t get to know even if she is *in the office* much less to see her until I check with her if she wants to deal with him. And honestly, may God protect whatever jackass ever lets the high school reunion committee find me… I am not even joking.