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Lea: Amber, question. What if you woke up one morning, and like in the Ryan Reynold’s movie The Switch, and you were me? You wouldn’t be happy?
Amber: No, thank you. I’d go back to sleep.
Lea: If I were Amber for the day, everywhere I would go, I would sing. And I would challenge people on the street and I would go up to them. I want to be Amber Riley for the day. I want to be able to sing in people’s faces like that.



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My dashes glee updates



Glee has:

- broken up what was touted as the most innovative lesbian couple by making a driven directed Latina give up a college scholarship after being violently outed for her partner only to break them up off screen

- tanked the well received interracial couple in a spirit of meanness and amnesia

- to reconfigure both with the WOC as ghost afterthoughts and the more mainstream looking partners being mocked and manipulative of learning disabilities that last two seasons both were eloquent and sweet if not unproblematic emblems of

- no seriously they took a sweet if not cognitively delayed Brittany who was for equality, open about her sexuality and adorably, admirable promiscuity as well as her overall acceptance and care for people and made her an empty headed racism spewing twit who confuses someone who was one of her VLOSEST friends in bouts of gleefully out of character transphobia to pair her with

- a transformed Sam from a sweet struggling dyslexic, who sans one supported respected and looked to be supportive and uplifting and caring to all of his paramours past and present to someone who left cereal on the floor and follows it with a glass of milk

- no seriously this was a young man who was in this glee club all of two weeks and exposed to the horrible homophobia that was this school and pledged to continue his duet with the obviously bullied gay kid because that was his word. Which he followed by throwing one of the obvious leaders of his NEW TEAM and his SCHOOL around a locker room on PRINCIPLE . He’s now a sidekick asshole

- and the less I think about Tina and Artie….. The more I’m like the writers of this show who think meta commentary about the shit shrift they get addresses it

- so in short . We’ve hosed the WOC , embarrassed , erased and lobotomied those who cared for them ,for falling ratings and shoddy depictions of middling talent…..

Bless y’all who watch

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Can someone please explain to me why former professional dancer Heather Morris who had never sung before getting cast in what was originally a non singing roll (and imho her vocals reflect it) is getting more songs and solos than Jenna Ushkowitz who literally grew up singing and performing on Broadway?

because Brittany’s character is a lot more interesting, capable of development and with more interesting story arches. Yes, it’s unfair, Jenna is a much better singer, but lets face it - Tina hasn’t had a decent plot line since she had a stutter.

How is Brittany, who wasn’t even supposed to be a regular character, any more “capable” of development and interesting story lines than Tina, who’s been there from jump street?  How?  Because, frankly, I’m inherently more compelled by an Asian character with a hyphenated last name that features Cohen than a typically conventionally attractive “dumb” blonde cheerleader. Tina’s more interesting on paper, frankly; but because she ain’t white, she ain’t “skinny”, and she ain’t “conventionally attractive”, she’s shunted off to the background along with the other “non-conventionally attractive” people (i.e., Mike, Artie, Mercedes, Lauren, and Matt - who was shipped off without so much as a by your leave).





You want to talk unequal treatment of characters?

  • The Asian couple have had the majority of their storylines revolve around their Asianness or Asian stereotypes. Another Asian character was treated to a barrage of racist jokes from the lead character, including comments implying that she couldn’t speak English. 
  • The only black member of the club (s2 - beyond) is constantly desexualised and comments have been made about her music being “crunk” as well as numerous other racialised comments
  • The frequent and unchecked ablism thrown at the sole disabled character
  • The erasure of the Jewishness of the two canonical Jewish characters - not to mention the frequent anti-semitism
  • Of the six girls in New Directions, only two have been consistently ignored over two seasons. You can work out which two - this is despite these two being full time characters since the first episode. Promoted guest stars have had more screentime and development than them
  • The only two larger characters have been shown as obsessed with food
  • The canon biphobia shown by numerous characters, and through the erasure of the bisexuality of characters
  • The treatment of sexual assault, abuse, and molestation as a joke
  • The show’s vile treatment of suicide and mental illness

Yeah, it sucks that the same-sex couples don’t get to make out as often as you’d like.  But it’s not “Equality” if you’re only demanding “equality” for one group. 

Praise Jesus someone said it without a read more. 



In which Mercedes Jones doesn’t need to perform her love for outsiders. She clearly shows her love enough for Sam bc dude stays smiling around her.

I mean, let’s be clear here. Glee is on network TV. They couldn’t show Sam & Mercedes celebrating. That party was definitely X rated.


In which Mercedes Jones doesn’t need to perform her love for outsiders. She clearly shows her love enough for Sam bc dude stays smiling around her.

I mean, let’s be clear here. Glee is on network TV. They couldn’t show Sam & Mercedes celebrating. That party was definitely X rated.







There is something deeply unsettling about Tina being reduced to the role of Magical Asian, helping everyone else find their way, while only discovering her worth and the scope of her talent when she imagines herself as the average white girl who gets all the shine.

The sad thing is, I’m sure the writers didn’t even pick up on that kind of thing. They probably patted themselves on the back, thinking they finally gave Tina’s character a storyline. But honestly all they did was take away her essential “Tina-ness”.

“Props” is a very fitting name for last’s night’s…mess. It confirmed what we’ve all known since season one: that everyone is a prop for Rachel Berry’s supposed greatness. There’s no need for the audience to connect with the rest of the glee club, no reason for us to know their goals, their dreams, fears, or even their home life because in the end, the only thing that matters is making sure that Rachel Berry knows she’s the star. Not because she’s the best. But because the writers keep telling us these things.

But then again, we were supposed to find the character swap funny, right? Because I definitely didn’t. At least when it came to Tina. This show continues its streak of sending horrible mixed messages to it audience.

“Pay your dues, and you’ll get your chance to shine”, Glee? I don’t think so.

I can’t even be surprised that Mercedes (and Santana and everyone else, really) didn’t stand up for Tina; she’s been tamed by a disappearing white man and a promise of ever-decreasing time in the spotlight. Really, if they started digging into the emotional lives of the rest of these characters, they’d have to show us how much damage they’ve all suffered as they’ve substituted Rachel’s dreams for their own. I’m all for teamwork, but the only time ND has felt like a team was when Rachel was sidelined by her suspension.

If Mercedes and Santana especially had talked, that would’ve undermined the whole point of getting Tina to continue to prop up Rachel and be happy about it.  Funny how it’s the three chromatic women (plus Quinn, at least before) who were/are the main ones not here for the Rachel Berry Show, and they’ve been silenced, patronized, disabled (literally and metaphorically) all so the “underdog” white girl can shine. This show is horrific.

Last night I finally understood what it meant to be driven to drinking. The realization of the bolded upset me so greatly that I grabbed a bottle of vodka from our liquor stash, splashed some into a glass of ice, topped it off with some cranberry juice, drank it, and then went back for another. 

I’m not over-invested in the lives of fictional characters; I’m invested in my own subject position and being constantly shown myself as anything but—especially in an educational setting—is depressing, exhausting, and heart-breaking. 

And that’s why it hurts so badly; that’s why it’s never “just a TV show” - it is seeing on national television, the affirmation of all the -isms we go through everyday on a show that’s been touted to undo them and give underdogs their chance to triumph.  And they didn’t.  We’ve stuck around hoping - hoping - it’ll be this year, when most of them are seniors and all that effort we’ve put into supporting the true underdogs of the show, and it gets thrown back in our faces see us be the BFF/prop/Magical Chromatic Character for the “woebegone” white girl.  I wish none of them were coming back; I wish Glee would just drop all of its pretenses and make it the lily-white show where the only diversity is white male sexuality, because they certainly can’t do anything else with a modicum of quality or respect.


Um … Glee


Yess glee cause yeah analysis that isn’t close to emotional home

  • I don’ t watch anymore I read recaps and gifs. Like out side of Heart  I aint seen more of six consecutive minutes of this show.
  • The fact i can still analyze it fully is bothersome though?
  • Nothing as consequences so I feel no consequence in watching. Like besides the shitty shitty race/gender/sexuality aspects . Nothing changes enough to feel like continued watching is worth it.
  • Grey’s Anatomy has kind of moved into soapy hell, but the relationships I love ( mere/christina, the female attendings, mere/dere, callie/arizona)have consequences. It matters ( mostly) from one show to the next what the do with , to, and around each other. And I think that cast has LESS chemistry than Glee. I miss an episode there ? I actually have to figure out why they have changed their behavior?
  • It feels really angering to me as a momma lion that they’ll pimp the Klaine relationship in songs, commerce, and social cachet, but won’t allow them physical affection, real impact story lines . And it sucks even more that it seems they FILM them fine just don’t air them.
  • The sloppy bugs me .It really does .
  • What’s worse is that some of it can be made by just shifting a LITTLE to the left or right


  • I LIKED the idea of a braggadocio filled kid at a private school, who had all of the trappings of success and acceptance and monetary support, but little in the way of intimate familial, romantic, platonic relationships. I even enjoyed the idea of it being  couched in a history that ways shaped by him making some ass awful decisions really young . That he could be so taken with Kurt and wanting to help him preserve his family life ( that Blaine envied) he would step out to talk to his father. And having him see New Directions and be so needy he would transfer. That’s good and interesting and makes a SHIT LOAD of interesting relationship possibilities.
  • They did none of them.
  • Like how does a relationship like that work where you go from being the big dog but personally isolated and the lead in that relationship to, feeling much more emotionally fulfilled, better entertained ( mckinley more diverse than Dalton) but not the unquestioned leader. The tried it sucked
  • How does you class background interact with these other kids. You may be nice as hell but you still came up how you came up? They touched on that with the Sam thing and it was actually interesting and popped for two seconds.
  • HIS BROTHER. HE’s all of these things and supposedly has a bad relationship with his dad over his sexuality. But you wanna make the brother a good guy or not awful ( which in Glee does that matter) ? Whats their conflict ? Blaine’s ego? Not that he worshipped his brother and his brother didn’t notice him floundering? Not that his brothers age difference made him gone while Blaine was having a REALLY bad year to the point he got left back. All of these things have weight and heft and leave no bad guys but make shit have.. CONSEQUENCE
  • And if you don’t believe Darren Criss can carry that.. CHRIS COLFER CAN. It’s amazing the way BEING SOMEONE’S PARTNER can allow that . Have Matt Bomer and Chris Colfer talk ? Problem solved


  • You know there are egotistical , pain in the ass divas who have friends and loved ones right. Who while awful spotlight hogging twits have learned to make space for some people . Who can dedicate themselves to things besides their own journeys . It’s a funny personality type. Rachel can be that. Rachel can be the annoying brat who loves these folks but is still her
  • Like make Rachel actually sad, actually dealing with being rejected and not want to go because she had the magnanimous decision not to be a downer rather than anti-prom. Still basically a mememe move. Still kind of douchey still in character , but shows she sees someone besides herself.
  • It also makes her exchange with Santana tweakable to make longevity sense. She loves em, she’s still an egotistical prick who needs a talking to, but she cares in her own selfish way, that needs a good talking to BUT justifies her prom moment. You do things for the needy friend who you love but is a pain in the ass. You are an idiot if you’d o it for the one who NEVER LEARNS.
  • seriously you’re mad?  That she may not KNOW if she can walk by PROM. That she may not want to risk it. SO YOU GET VIOLENT?!?!?
  • How is he the leader?


  • She’s always wanted to be prom queen , finding direction doesn’t make you ALL BRAND NEW. 


  • No seriously gimme ten good reasons those adorable sexy people don’t get more screen time. ……
  • I’m still hurt we never got to see Harry Shum Jr. speak spanish.
  • I didn’t even hear it I know JU was fantastic singing.


  • Oh just go to hell Glee . All that build up and ONE LINE. Really 
  • Yes I love the babies, maybe the can’t act that well but A SCENE REALLY A SCENE?
  • I swear Amber RIley knows they never kiss again and is trolling folks.
  • Chord Overstreet is an amusing human being, his I don’t give a damn is over and through reaction shots.
  • God it makes me sad folks are so used to affection and admiration for black women platonically that folks go STRAIGHT to fucking or sexual/tension. You can be smitten with someones face without wanting to bang em. And Amber Riley has one of those faces.
  • That nose thing is something i do .
  • Shane! LaMarcus you are an adorable man who never got done right. And that was so high school sweet.


  • so Santana has manifested herself as goring into loving and being a leader in the Glee Club…. and no one notices or acknowledges
  • Brittany needs a fixed point in her character.
  • Heather Morris is a bad ass dancer . Get. EM. GIRL. 
  • Once again lots of cachet, lots of press but never let the lesbians touch.
  • Naya Rivera doing smell my finger to Amber Riley is GREATNESS on levels of amazing.

The trouble tones won’t get a good bye, SENIOR MERCEDES won’t get a song and I probably won’t watch , just yammer on later 

and it really doenst matter which is sad cause what mostly sucks about Glee is these folks make you 



Glee’s cover of ‘I Was Here’ is great.



Obviously not as good as Beyoncé’s though. But I’m much happier Lea Michele is singing it. I don’t like Amber Riley singing stuff too often because she does that black thing where she over sings everything.

Uh…you are aware Beyoncé does that “black” thing, too, because she’s 1.) black and 2.) does it way more than Amber does it.  Wow, your racism is showing all the fuck out right now.  Congratulations.



Regardless of the fact she’s a larger woman, regardless of what a biased ass trying to sabotage everyone bar Rachel said, and regardless of the show throwing out the idea of laziness in order to push their half-baked plot line of Mercedes quitting Glee club, it doesn’t erase three seasons of hard work, group participation and dedication to what she’s doing.

A lazy person does not attend every booty camp session when they don’t enjoy it and could have just quit from the start, a lazy person would not be put up with on the Cheerios or by Sue, a lazy person does not dance during the majority of their performances, a lazy person doesn’t bother to learn the choreography for their competition performances, a lazy person does not participate in group numbers, a lazy person doesn’t ask for the lead in a play which requires a lot a practise and choreography – Mercedes Jones is no lazy person.

Not only is she not lazy, she’s an adept dancer, so…her being called out for booty camp was some epic bullshit and good on her for poo-pooing that.



In 18 seconds, Darren Criss singlehandedly ruins acting, the English language, American Musical Theatre, Christina Aguilera’s discography, and my ability to ever again hold an erection.