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The thing that really kills me about all of these “Sam would be in as much trouble as Mercedes for their love” plot devices is the absolute refusal to grasp that Sam would have been taught that Mercedes was only good for serving his needs, be they sexual or otherwise. Sure, some people overcame that (kind of), but there’s a reason slaveowners could have 15 kids with a slave & never free them or their mother. There’s a reason it wasn’t illegal to rape a black woman until after the Civil Rights Movement, & there’s a reason much of the Civil Rights Movement is founded in black women agitating to be safe from white men.

Real talk, Sam having sex with Mercedes wouldn’t have meant any consequences for him (yes, even if she got pregnant), but it would have meant lots of consequences for her. Especially if she said no to him, or to any of his friends/family that might come calling. Want to know why the language around Slutwalk doesn’t speak to a lot of black women? Some of us know what it feels like to have the color of your skin = slut to people who might otherwise claim to be decent human beings.

Umm, so I was rummaging through in search of new Glee fic & I feel like I need fandom to acquaint itself with exactly what it would have meant to be black & female during Jim Crow. I understand the desire to explore that time period, but there is no way Mercedes could have gone off on white people in the segregated South left & right and survived. And I have no idea why you’d write her Dad as a deadbeat to explain her mother sending her away when basic safety concerns would merit that anyway. Not to mention, white people would not be trying to punish Sam for having sex with her. Interracial marriage was illegal, but there is a long long history of white men sleeping with WOC. And yes, they were still racist. A Sam raised in the deep South in the 50’s & 60’s could have found Mercedes attractive & still been a bigot. Hell that could happen now. Also, she would not be talking about white privilege. Just saying, if you’re going to write historical fiction research is your very best friend.



Santana’s outing story was treated the most disrespectfully. This r fact.


Santana, telling off the GLEE fandom and don’t even know it.



i was reading some comments and some people actually thought Santana was a hypocrite (because she’s always pulling the latino from the hood card) or too mean to Schue “for a teacher who’s done so much for her.


She pulls the Lima Heights Adjacent card; that has nothing to do with race, per se; all about neighborhood pride.  And furthermore - so? Rachel pulls her Jewish card often; Kurt pulls his gay card often? Where’s the outcry in that?  And a teacher can do so much for you, and do something patently offensive, and break your heart. I don’t understand why this is confusing. Wow, this fandom just wants to cling so desperately to its biases and stereotypes, doesn’t it? This is just like folk wanting Santana to lick Finn’s nuts because he sang to her and not understanding why folk were rightfully pissed by IKaG.




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Um, why do you think she’s going to hurt Sam? Also, plans change.

I’m still trying to figure out how the “proof” & how any of this has a cotdamned thing to do with Mercedes.


Summery of S3 Samcedes- the road so far







[in her mind]

Puck and Rory:


And soon…


lol @ that last gif.

Perfect post is perfect

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So I just watched the last 2 episodes of Glee…



…and I just wanted to squee at the fact that they’ve shown Mercedes as a desirable woman. Here’s a big fuck you to all those people who’ve been saying “boo attractive blond white men with abs will never want to date fat black women blahblahblah.” 

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WORD! Samcedes is happening, y’all. To the racist fuckers:


In which Mommy and Daddy tell Dominique that she is getting a little sister/brother.

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Yep, and Mercedes is obviously the most selfish, entitled person in glee.

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They gon’ make me get real ignant on twitter withcho’ weak ass hate towards Amber!!!!


I promise you, I ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. Not for real. You can not like her character, you bet not say shit about a woman you don’t know. Don’t make me fuck y’all up, fandom. And that’s real. I hurt feelings, ruin lives, and crush dreams. My apathy is NOT a game. I don’t give one fucks, two fucks, red fucks, blue fucks about you weak, simple ass haters. Try me.

Run and tell dat, heauxs.