Male privilege on Tumblr (and the internet as a whole)


One of the most prominent examples I’ve seen is pretty much the ability to say whatever the fuck you want and unless you are literally telling people you hope they get killed, kill themselves, raped, bring slavery back, support genocide, or anything along those lines no one is going to call you out over anything. Hell, there are times when you can do that still find a support ground around you and propping up those viewpoints/reactions as completely legitimate.

I’ve seen women here are the other hand constantly questioned just because of the type of material they choose to right regardless of how “hysterical” they are with it. They’re far more aggressively questioned about her single thought that they float out. Even things that are incredibly well research and have dozens of situations laid out at the bottom are demanded to be re-explained or typed out in very specific words and phrasing in order to not have to deal with “offending” the person making the demands. I mean this goes towards everyone speaking to women regardless of if they share they same sex or gender.

That’s not to say men don’t face harassment. It just is never coded because because of their sex. It’s always to a fair lesser degree though. That very much includes my fellow Black men who may be called Nigger constantly here for a day or two, but will probably go quiet for weeks or months on end insofar as racial comments. The women I follow, particular the Black women, do not go a week without being constantly attacked even if they don’t have a large following base. I mean I’ve seen maybe 2 or 3 days max for the women that on her regularly. That’s not even including all the shit that they delete that I could never know about.

As a male, I have leeway to discuss pretty much anything without being constantly attacked. Not only that, but my arguments are going to given some sort credence (even if only a little) based just being a male before even a single word is read.





A lot of you people need to learn some Tumblr etiquette.

Like, if you go to someone else’s page and police their lifestyle -without them asking for advice, wanting policing- they are not entitled to either agree with you, or respond in a manner you were expecting. Also, no one likes an annoying gnat. If you pester a person long enough, they are going to tell you to fuck off. Learn your boundaries, people. They do exist, even on the internet.

Not only that, but then to vilify the person you set out on harassing… it’s pretty much disgusting. Bullying someone based on their lifestyle choices over the internet?

Damn, that sounds like cyberbullying…Damn, that sounds triggering. Damn, it sounds like the girl who started this situation is a giant hypocrite.

But White Woman’s Tears saved her, apparently.

“OMG what she said is horrible and gave me nightmares!”

But she’s an Atheist so she doesn’t believe in demons, right? She needs to stop trying to hide behind the fact that she kept antagonizing me, and then when I finally took off the kid gloves, she went and cried about it so she could get some validation from her followers.

She wasn’t criticizing shit. She was being a condescending cunt (+1 for alliteration), and when she saw the opportunity to piss off someone who practices religion (simply because I drew a comparison to what I normally do for my faith), she decided to take it and gain some brownie points from her followers for “pissing off a Muslim girl”. Why else would she be so quick to screencap and link back to SELECTED responses instead of linking back to the entire conversation so people could see how she was the one harassing me?

But as soon as she brought up the word “trigger” everyone felt sorry for her. Nevermind that she was triggering my PTSD from being a heckling dickwad. Nobody gives a shit if you actually have a legit diagnosis for a disorder that can be triggered. A white woman has shed tears! Let us all sound the trumpets and call the Waaaaahbulance.