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come on up to the house: re most recent kerfuffle



so i’m still rereading and digesting things. kinda like liquornspice said i’m also struggling with my own internal reactions, and i’m also realizing how much i need to brush up on the history of asian-black coalitions and relations as i didn’t experience or even see any of that until i went to…

this by the way is the same pattern that happened with vs pomegranate’s accusations that i was anti arab, as i was writing about anti blackness in the middle east.  he never once addressed anti blackness, made vague references to my orientalism and anti arab sentiments, pulled some racist/misogynistic shit.  and then left in a huff of self righteousness.  of course the only differences is that most of tumblr ignored what was going on, and i had little to no defense or back up. 

yeah its hard being a black girl.  even harder when you dont live in the us, so folks back out of a conversation at the first hint of conflict, because they dont know the context in which you live. 

after that i almost stepped away from writing on tumblr, but decided fuck it.  i dont write my truth expecting others to have my back.  if i did i would have stopped a long time ago. 

i do think that we can all admit that there are racial hierachies among non-white peoples. 

i also think everyone’s analysis would make a lot more sense if we looked at it on a global scale rather than a us-centric one.  like, the relationship between europe, china, and the african continent…

There’s a lot to be said about various countries and their interest in Africa’s resources as well as their competition with each other. And what Pan-Africanism could mean to those countries & their ability to exploit/invest in Africa. I also think (and this might sound a we bit conspiracy theorist, but what can you do?) that there is a vested interest in keeping countries of color from allying with other countries of color. After all Western intelligence agencies have a long history (see Cointelpro for instance), of destabilizing & disrupting radical movements that might lead to the countries & peoples they’ve been exploiting reaching actual independence & stability. IDK, these conversations between communities (black fetishization of Asians, Asian fetishization of blacks, economic exploitation in inner city communities, anti-Asian & anti-black issues inside communities, etc.), are probably too complicated for Tumblr. But we have to start somewhere & this is as good a place as any I guess, though I think we should all try to be willing to step away when emotions run high & remember that in the end we should all be on the same side.