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Billy Crystal’s blackface at the Oscars



There is this blog that is the second google link for “billy crystal blackface” and it is this woman going on how blacks should not be offended by the blackface skit at the Oscars done by Billy Crystal. Tumblr, you know what to do. BTW I can’t wait for the white opinions to show up. 

Teppi is such a racist & she always always plays the “I choose to see through rose colored glasses” routine when she’s challenged. She’s going to play the victim no matter what anyone says to her.

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The “Jews Say No” movement held a protest in Upper Manhattan expressing their opposition to the recent air attacks by Israel on the Gaza strip. Protesters stood silently, holding posters and placards which voiced their concerns. New York, USA. 22nd August 2011 (Demotix Images)

This warms my heart.

I really wish I lived somewhere with a larger Jewish population so I could participate in groups like this.

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