It’s cultural appropriation plain and simple. And since she’s not even wearing it right, it’s also an insult, whether through ignorance or outright contempt for the people who hold these beliefs. Just because those beliefs are not in the majority does not make them your own to use as play things. I am NOT religious. I have a dim view of religion. But for the people who believe, they STRONG feelings. I respect how deeply THEY feel about their faith and I think Gaga has done wrong here. She’s not wearing it for the sake of modesty or the sake of conviction. She’s wearing it for a laugh. Because lady gaga wears absurd outfits. And isn’t islamic dress “so absurd.” And she’ll shed it because tomorrow she’ll have moved on to the next “crazy outfit” that expresses her individuality, bla bla bla, to hell with the individuality of those she’s trampled on by making a mockery of something they hold dear. I have no real opinion of Lady Gaga. I don’t pay attention to popular music and don’t really go seeking pop culture stuff out. But this is just not right. And I bet she knows it.

I’m sick of this ‘cultural appropriation’ nonsense. & seeing as you have no idea what you’re talking about, it’s best you just stop talking altogether.

HEY U GUISE—I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. APPARENTLY. ACCORDING TO SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS. Anyways. I haveta leave for an appointment. Will leave this right here for you to do with what you will. Autumn, perhaps you have some feels abou this?  


anybody who is jumping up to defend lady gaga or chalk her perpetual rotating fuckery up to sheer ignorance….



lets be real about something

aside from the white vegans who she probably pissed off with her meat dress

lady gaga has fundamentally made her career offending those who the majority of white society wouldn’t stick up for anyways and constantly write off as being “over-sensitive” any time they bring up how a white wonder child of society has done something offensive 

trans* folk, people of colour, people with disabilities 

i’m probably missing a few categories/she hasn’t gotten to them yet 

either way

the more you defend her

or even say “well i’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she just doesn’t know what she’s perpetuating”

you’re basically excusing a long tradition of white performers/celebrities getting away with doing offensive shit because the other drop of the shoe is that “they just didn’t know”

people like lady gaga make enough money to buy herself a litany of doctorates in every subject area she’s fundamentally offended

and even on a more basic note, she could just use google like everybody else

the problem is she doesn’t want to, doesn’t care to, and will never have an incentive to unless her fans grow a little moxie and really hold her accountable for being the privileged fucked up person she is. 

stop making excuses for why a white, cis, able bodied, wealthy woman should be able to piss off so many people yet subsequently somehow “not know” what she’s doing is offensive

cause if you choose to keep excusing her, even in the most passive of ways, all because you like her caterwauling on top of overplayed techno beats

well congrats for helping the white supremacy hamster wheel continue to turn rust free