How to comb out dreads WITHOUT (too much) cutting.

it can be done.

You’ve probably heard by now that my little sister, applesandmustard is combing out her locs. I know. I’m still in mourning. But I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the process of combing out locs so I thought I would share her informative video.

ps. So I’ve already gotten 4 panicked inbox messages in response to this video. I’m not coming out my locs. Calm down! lol

Hunh, when I combed mine out I used leave in conditioner instead of water & just combed started from the ends. Admittedly even though mine were 4 years old my hair never did loc properly.


Anonymous asked: I am a white woman and I am planning on getting dreads and I have been told by a few people that they think it is racist of me to do so (mostly by white people). I didn’t think of dreads as strictly an African-centric hairstyle, as I was going for more of a Viking look. Is it racist for white people to get dreads, or is it racist to think that dreads are automatically a black hairstyle?


yoisthisracist: Yo, I can’t even deal with how many layers of wackness this question gets into, without even getting near any of the racism parts.

seriously, it’s like “I wanna do this thing & a bunch of people tell me it’s racist but I think it’s not really racist because I don’t think it is, so I’m gonna ask you now so hopefully you can tell me what I wanna hear.”