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Has there been a single ep of Misfits without a rape joke or reference?


You have to be REALLY drunk to fuck Rudy.

I’d have to be really drunk to touch Rudy.

seriously you guys


Why is everyone so pissed off about Seth? I agree with Seth and Kelly being OTP and all that, but come on. Put yourself in his place - he did love his girlfriend. He did search for that power to bring her back. He does feel guilty. 
And besides, even though he does like Kelly, he wasn’t seeing her for that long. He doesn’t LOVE her yet.
Plus, I think for the Kelly/Seth relationship to work, the girlfriend story needs and be over and done with. And something tells me it would be in the next episode.
So yay, right?
He is not a jerk, ok?
Just look at him, he’s a sweetheart!

I agree. He’s only known Kelly a few months & he’s trying to make things right. He’s not doing any of this to hurt Kelly.

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He should eat ginger biscuits.

I love the look on her face in the last panel. You just know she wants to pinch his cheeks & give him a kiss all at the same time.

Found it! Go here for Erazer.


1124. I think this episode was supposed to espouse some personal growth for Rudy, but I was really bored. Most of the plot important pieces were shoved into the last five minutes.

The more they try to make me like Rudy the less interested I am in him. Partly because the writing for his character is such shit (that whole, “Is it really rape?” conversation wasn’t at all endearing), & partly because the show is just trying to hard to get me as invested as I was in Nathan.

Download MisFits Season 3 Episode 06 (.avi version)


MisFits Season 3 Episode 06 (.avi version)


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1083. I would like to see Alisha get her own episode like everyone else did. Have her be the hero of the episode, show her hanging out with that damn Chloe girl (why haven’t we seen her yet, anyway?), anything. How do her friends react to her dating Simon (who is by all means not like any other guy she’s gone with)? How do her parents feel about her being in community service again? Where does Alisha work since she doesn’t seem to work at the bar anymore? Is she in school? I want to know!

Alright fess up, I know one of you wrote this, because I swear we’ve actually said this a few dozen times now.


1084. I imagine lots of fast-forwarding this Sunday. Literally anything sounds better than an episode dedicated to Rudy trying to shake a “super powered STD”.



Is this person someone I follow? Cause they sound like it might be. Which is to say, I agree. 

Why are they bothering with this mess? This sounds like a total wasted ep. So we get more Rudy time and they have yet to do an ep focused on Alisha…REALLY? This show is about to fall into the same place Glee has in my book.

So, this ep appears to be all about Rudy & Curtis. Both of whom have already had an ep this season. Kelly’s had two, Simon’s had one (in which Alisha participated, but she wasn’t the focus), & we still get no back story for her or even an Alisha centric ep that isn’t about her sex life? Mmkay, I’m definitely sick of this bullshit.


1061. It’s sad and telling that Alisha gets more hate for liking and indulging in sex than Kelly gets hate for attacking and killing people. One is called a BAMF and the other a slut. Says a lot about the values fandom holds.