And remember how yesterday people were trying to come at me about why whitewashing in rps really don’t/shouldn’t matter?

Yeah, this right here is why people get upset about it, because God forbid this book actually does take off, and becomes a major motion-picture movie; and then gets and audience, and then a fandom, full of people who think this’ll be okay, full of impressionable people irrespective of age that will cosign this bullshit wholesale.  This is just the other side of the Rubik’s cube on the issue of erasure and upholding whiteness.











i’m really close to not liking white people

this motherfucker needs his fat ass beat

like really.. i am sooo close to it man.

Nah, I’m done. 

oh, but you wanna know why we distrust white people

when they publicly make blatant jokes about our deaths and trivialize them

and when they constantly abuse us like this with zero provocation. 

These comments are ridiculous. Why does everything turn into a race thing? This isn’t about ‘us’ or ‘you’ meaning African Americans, this is about an idiot on twitter that made a distasteful joke. Ugh. It annoys the crap out of me that people on tumblr can be blatantly racist and nobody will call them out on it, regardless of their race. I may be white, but I was taught to give people the benefit of the doubt, regardless of their skin color/sexual orientation/looks, because they can’t help it. I think it’s just stupid that there can still be so much hate in modern day society. If I, as a white female, made comments like these I’d be called nothing but racist. Think about what you say, or you’ll just seem stupid. Imagine:

“i’m really close to not liking white people”


“i’m really close to not liking black people”

And you suddenly see what I mean. 

Sorry for the rant it’s just annoyed the crap out of me >.<

But you are making comments “like this”, because you’re more upset/annoyed about people calling out racism than the racist who made the “distasteful” and racist comment in the Tweet.

And what I need benefit of the doubt for if I’m not white/straight/Christian? That I’m actually a human to who is able to feel and should be treated as such? That I should be treated “equal to a white person” until I do something that marks me as “other”?

Oh, dear…

Clawd!  I love how it’s wrong to shit on PoC for our skin color or race because “We can’t help it” as if our skin, features, race are a birth defect or a crippling illness that polite society should try and overlook while feeling pity for us over.

You know melanin is actually a disease…


I’m not going to get too deep into it



But the Oreo Gay Pride cookies and the JC Penny advertisements is one of the biggest examples of why I hate the comparisons with Civil Rights’ Movement. There were not dozens of massive corporations backing that movement. They weren’t donating in the millions for it. They weren’t (and still aren’t) trying to be progressive in their advertisement by including and humanizing us.





Obama has pursued a racially defused electoral and governing strategy, keeping issues of specific interest to African Americans — such as disparities in the criminal justice system; the disproportionate impact of the foreclosure crisis on communities of color; black unemployment; and the persistence of HIV/AIDS — off the national agenda. Far from giving black America greater influence in U.S. politics, Obama’s ascent to the White House has signaled the decline of a politics aimed at challenging racial inequality head-on.

And black Americans are complicit in this decline. Fearing that publicly raising racial issues will undermine the president in the eyes of white voters, African Americans appear to have struck an implicit pact with Obama. Even as we watch him go out of his way to lift up other marginalized groups (such as gay Americans) and call for policies that help everyone, we’ve accepted his silence on issues of particular interest to us. In exchange, we get to feel symbolic pride at having a black president and family in the White House.

For black America, it hasn’t been a good deal. While racial disparities in unemployment, wealth and justice continue to grow in an era imagined as post-racial, it appears that the nation is instead becoming non-racial, mostly ignoring the problems of inequality that continue to affect the life chances of many black people.

Frederick Harris, The Washington Post (via sonofbaldwin)

Actually I think this is bullshit. I believe everyone has this unrealistic expectation of this president that has not been an expectation we have had of any other president even the so call savior of all things black Bill Clinton.

I am so incredibly tired of people waiting for someone else to do for them what they need to be doing for themselves.

 We need to be fighting tooth and nail to get their agenda met but what is everyone else doing except sitting back waiting for the great messiah (the President) to give us something we are too lazy to fight to get.

Get off your ass and work or what you want…they want to take away your rights then fight like hell yourselves to keep them or maybe you should loose them so that you will realize the importance of keeping them.

I am old enough to realize that a President cannot do it all…I need to push my own agenda and make the hell sure my agenda is met no matter who the hell the president might be at the time.

Martin Luther King and that movement did not wait for the President to do for them what they felt was right….they marched, protested and even died to get those rights that were owed to them.

You are the ones you have been waiting for is not a slogan but a fact.

(via shipperforlife)

If you read this quote, most black folk have expected him to exactly what every other president has done - which is not do anything that explicitly puts the concerns and issues black people disproportionately face at the forefront, and the fact this president is black doesn’t negate the reality that putting the concerns of the most vulnerable is actually not the way to get elected or stay in power. On the other hand, you do need a president to sign bills into laws, so it’s not completely “lazy” to be concerned about a president who would be amenable to doing such things. But as much as most of this has to begin on the ground level (and I disagree with your premise that folk aren’t doing anything on this level, that folk are just sitting around waiting for the president to sign…what laws? He can’t sign a law until Congress writes and passes it, and I bet you there are hundreds upon hundred of lobbies on multiple levels merely trying to get a simple word in a bill, let alone a bill in and of itself), that doesn’t mean we can’t play close attention to what’s going on at the top, especially since the buck will stop with the top one way or the other.

(via bana05)

Obama is helping black people though, he just doesn’t label it that way. Every time he pushes something forward to help the poor & disenfranchised that helps black people who are as a rule more likely to be in that class than any other. Advances in LGBT rights help black LGBT folks. Do I wish he could change American attitudes on race? Sure. The same way I wish on stars when I’m bored. Because I already know 4 years & one man is not enough to change everything. Obama is not the Messiah, he’s a man in an office that holds a lot of power & that’s it. He’s more centrist than progressive (which is how he got elected remember?), & he’s trying as centrists generally do to help everyone at the same time.



Just let it be known, the Ella in this song is Ella Baker, an unsung heroine in US History, especially as pertaining to Civil Rights. That the first line of this song directly refers to things that were happening fifty years ago should tell folk we’re nowhere near as post-racist as folk want to believe.  The proof of this is, I’ve yet to see the case of Trayvon Martin make national network news on televisions (please correct me if I’m wrong, as I only watch Good Morning America), although I do know it’s made some major online publications. That the murder of a black boy by the state is non-news…c’mon, people, c’mon; that his murderer gets to roam free - they sent Michael Vick to prison for murdering dogs; but a black child’s killer doesn’t even get arrested? God bless Amerikkka, huh?


What Diversity Means - Higher Ed Edition




“We need to recruit more black students, so we’re going to go to the Piggly Wiggly (supermarket) and see if anybody would be interested in our institution.”

“We need to recruit more African-American faculty, so we’re researching the publications they would read for leads.”

Note: Both comments were made in the last five years by two different, unrelated people.

I was just told the other day that I should come to more events at my grad school because I’d have a good chance of getting a job there as an Associate Prof after graduation.

Yay potential job?

I have to figure out funding, but I am contemplating how to create some academic career options for myself for the future. I just don’t know that I want to be a professor.