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Soooooooo, just a quick question


If Kanye and Kim don’t get married BEFORE Kim has this child will y’all jump down her throat, condemn her, and say that she’s a bad woman because she “didn’t do it right”?

Cuz a lot of people jumped down all of the throats of black women who had children out of wedlock when Beyonce announced her pregnancy.

But, then again, I don’t think people will since Kim’s not a black woman and apparently only black women need to be chastised for having children out of wedlock *sarcasm*

Just wondering

Why ask questions we already know the answer to though? I mean, no one is chin checking rappers (including Kanye), for having kids without the benefit of clergy. People don’t give a tiny tin fuck about policing the sex lives of anyone but black women.


Chris Brown Breaks Up With Karrueche


In a video titled ‘The Real Chris Brown‘ Chris explains why he called it quits with long time girlfriend Karrueche Tran (inspired by Glee’s break-up episode)because of his friendship with the flawless, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

“I’m stressed out, when you share history with somebody, then you tend to fall in love with somebody else, it’s kinda difficult,’ stated Brown.

I have decided to be single to focus on my career, I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”

Now that that’s over and done with some fans are hoping praying Chris and Rihanna will “rekindle their burning sexual flame for each other.” Then on the other hand you have the Chris Brown extreme haters who are already calling Rihanna a delusional home-wrecker if she ever goes back with Mr. Brown or Rihanna is dumb and ill tell you why (long tedious rant).

I know, you’re like “why the hell is she writing about this Lord Voldemort, he who must-not-be-named ass dude after what he did to Rihanna” Well because I like the guy. I can’t say that I’ve bought any of his album post the incident, but hey he did the crime, he paid the time, she forgave him and I’m just completely over everyone lecturing me on why I should hate him. And besides that Rihanna is best friend in my head and every moment I can find to talk about her I will.

Anyhow, What’s your take on ‘The real Chris Brown’? and Are you YAY or NAY Rihanna & Chris getting back together?

Obviously Rihanna is going to do what she wants to do, but remorse doesn’t make Chris any safer for her to be around alone now than she was a few years ago. I hope he does have his shit together, but I doubt it.

Here’s a question: if Barack Obama had to go through a brutal process of defending the doctrines, sermons and ideology of a church he merely attended, why is Mitt Romney exempted from explaining the doctrines and statements and ideology of a church he was an actual leading official in?

Andrew Sullivan, at The Dish.


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That’s a very good question…

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I just go to the “afro” tag to look at pretty Black people with gorgeous afro-textured hair.


But much like the whole damn world, there is nowhere we can go and not be bombarded with the fuck-shit of Whiteness & those that uphold it. Not a corner of the earth OR the Internet is safe from it.

And just what the fuck is a damn “Afro Circus”??

The sad part is I bet you a bunch of people will claim there’s nothing racist about them saying “Oh my straight hair is messy today & looks bad so it’s an Afro”. It won’t even occur to them how fucked up their logic is.


thelittlekneesofbees, dionthesocialist and inlovewithrobertsheehan present: “So, You Decided to be Black.”


So, you decided to be Black. All you had to do was click a button with your pale ass fingers and vavoom! Youz a negro! Now you can derail every argument!

Welcome to the land of being a niggeaux!

Here are some steps to start living your real nigga life.

Step One. 

You can never go back to being white. (We lost a lot of you niggeauxs with that one, huh?) Realize that if you aren’t in Africa(and sometime, even there), whenever you hear an adjective, people aren’t automatically talking about you.

Oh, but don’t worry, white people, like your former self will GLADLY point that shit out for you on a daily. Are you gay? No, you’re a black gay/gay black person.(And people will always forget you can be both) Are you selfish? No, you are a selfish black person.(And people will never forget you can be both) Oh, be sure to notice how people say, ‘black’ with disgust when this happens.

Step Two.

Since you started off White, you are going to be a dark skinned Black person to truly lose any color privilege. So, don’t bother watching TV because you’ll hardly ever find yourself there. Your hair, consider it nonexistent. You’re an alien to White people now, they don’t know how to really deal with ‘your type.’ You’ll be rejected from salons and told to get rid of the way your hair grew out of your head permanently. 

Step Three.

Stop talking to family and friends. Chances are, if you only pretend to be a niggeaux online. Mufuckas must hate us around your parts.

Step Four:

Now that you have no family or friend, at least you have your identity right? Woah! You were planning on being an individual? Stop right there. From now on, whatever you wear, read, watch, and eat is no longer your own business, but is subject to the scrutiny of every person you know. Listen to rap? You’re a stereotype. Don’t listen to rap? You’re a race traitor. Wear Jordans? You’re too black. Wear Vans? You’re not black enough. Eat chicken? You suck. Don’t eat chicken? You suck. And don’t bother looking for any kind of perfect medium for this, cause it don’t exist.

This is a starting list for all anons who want to hide behind a face of an identity that isn’t yours. Collect yourselves. 

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Gnomes Are Assholes


The tiny little man peered anxiously around the edge of the tree. Seeing no one, he scurried forward into the clearing.

“Got you!” the boy cried, leaping from his hiding place in the bushes. The little man yelped and jumped, but the boy’s hands closed around him. “I caught you!”

“Alright, alright!” the little man cried. “You did. You got me.”

“Now you have to tell me where your gold is,” the boy said.

“Oh, no, that’s leprechauns,” the little man said. “I’m a gnome. I don’t have gold and I don’t grant wishes. But you can ask me one question and I have to answer it truthfully.”

“How can I get rich?” the boy asked.

“That’s not the question,” the gnome said.


“I told you, you can ask one question and I have to answer it truthfully,” the gnome said. “That is not the one question you can ask.”

“Oh,” the boy said. “Um, what is the name of my one true love?”

“That’s not it, either.”

“How will I die?”

“Neither is that,” the gnome said.

“Meaning of life?”


“Secret of life?”


“Grand unified field theory?”

“Never heard of it,” the gnome said.

“Well… what is the question, then?” the boy asked.

“That one,” the gnome said smugly, and vanished.

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