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I mean, where the fuck does a white person get off telling POC to stop infighting/colorism


…yet totally doesn’t want to acknowledge their privilege and blatant racism? & then quotes MLK Jr at people?

That is the most whitesplaining bullshit I have read in a while.

Unfortunately, at this point, MLK Jr’s legacy has been co-opted by racist white supremacist whitesplainers and used to shout us down, tell us how to go about our emancipation and our culture, how to erroneously navigate a white supremacist society and fight against it, and to ultimately shut us up.

All mentions of MLK Jr. immediately makes me see what the person is really saying-“Stop acting uppity. Act like how white history told me MLK Jr. acted, which is a supremacist ploy wrapped up in hokey pacifist bullshit to trick you into not doing what really gets you your rights, and instead castrates you from your anger and your power. Do not challenge me. Do no fight my supremacist culture.”


Native Appropriations: Urban Outfitters is Obsessed with Navajos




The Navajo Nation even sent a cease and desist letter to Urban Outfitters. They have their tribal name trademarked so they have the legal rights over it and Urban Outfitters is violating the trademarks. It’s honestly sad to see this happen because no one should have to trademark their name just so they’re not disrespected every second. Do you think other tribes should trademark their name?

Yes! If other tribes joined that would send a message to all designers/clothing companies who frequently steal ideas/textiles/patternsfrom native tribes! Good for the Navajo Nation. We should all follow their example.

I agree. To avoid their name being thrown on every half-assed t-shirt with triangles and zig-zags on it, some tribes would have to. For some smaller tribes, I think it would be a good idea as well. I know the name Paiute is used on a bunch of golf courses and shit. It doesn’t sit well with me that my people’s name is being used on a ridiculously expensive hobby for old white men that very probably would exclude any actual Paiute from joining.


College won't give lesbian a job interview




A college in Texas is being sued for refusing to interview a candidate for a teaching position because administrators discovered she is gay. 

Jacqueline Gill is a Ph.D. student and a former high school teacher who was hired as a temporary instructor in 2009 at Tarrant County College. She was told at the time that temporary teachers generally transition to permanent positions. 

Though Gill was generally considered a talented and dedicated teacher, she was falsely accused of “flirting with girls in class,” a rumor spread by a student in retaliation after Gill punished the student for academic dishonesty.

The department chair told her that the school “does not like homosexuals.” Towards the end of her contract, she was not allowed to interview for a permanent teaching position. Now she’s suing the school, being co-represented by Lambda Legal and another attorney.

“I’m a good teacher and I work hard,” Gill said in a statement Thursday. “But none of that mattered once Eric Devlin suspected that I’m a lesbian. While I have never hidden my sexual orientation, neither have I ever told anyone on campus that I am gay. My partner and I have been together for over 12 years and we’re both Texas natives. Finding a job these days is hard enough — no one should have to go through something like this.”

I can’t believe this. 

Tarrant County is generally conservative as hell so this doesn’t surprise me. This incident also happened in Tarrant County a little over 2 years ago.

What bullshit. It’s funny though (not like haha but you know) how the asshole could have kept his mouth shut and not said anything and got away with the discrimination much easier. People have to get real robust with their hate and legally put themselves in a jam when they forget their positions. I hope she gets what she deserves!