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Dude is out his seat tryna get some Mercedes!Sugar (and her smile is so adorable). Sam’s not playing, and yet they look strangely endgame to me…


Dude is out his seat tryna get some Mercedes!Sugar (and her smile is so adorable). Sam’s not playing, and yet they look strangely endgame to me…


Glee Fic: Springing from Breakpoint - Chapter 3 (Mercedes/Sam, M)


Sam had convinced Mercedes to stay at the beach a bit longer while he’d all but frog marched Carlos by the ear off the sands. He rolled his eyes as his friend cussed him out in Spanish and Samoan of all things, before returning to English. Sam just grinned through it all, “throwing” Carlos into the condo once they reached it.

Gringo, start talkin’ y ahora!” Carlos demanded, adjusting the tank that’d gone helter-skelter on his shoulders after the toss.

“Mercedes agreed on a date,” Sam said, his smile growing wide and blinding. “I need your car and the nearest grocery store.”

Carlos’s eyes widened. “You’re cookin’?”

“She likes my cooking!”

“You’ve cooked for her before?”

“Well, yeah; I’ve gone to her house before and we’d cook together. Her mom loves my fried chicken.”

“Is that racist, or—?” is on that shit again. Damnation.


Three Magi Too Many (a samcedes fic)



He’d found them in a thrift shop. The three wise men. Chipped and old, well loved by somebody in their past. He’d ruined the first two with his lack of painting skills. Large fingers maneuvering awkwardly with that small paintbrush.

It took him two hours to paint the last one.

It was slow work. His mom would call it, painstaking work.  Filling in those little features with that too small paintbrush. It was all in the details and being patient was never one of his strong suits. He’d always been a bigger picture type of guy.

She loved the details.

She would break down every note in a Whitney song, and even though he didn’t know what she was talking about half the time, he’d listen to her words with rapture, a smile tugging at his lips, his gaze  wandering over her face, loving the way her eyes did that twinkling thing they did when she was excited. Liking how the words would tumble out of her mouth without pause. She made him appreciate the little things.

She made him want to spend two hours turning a biblical figurine into St. Valentine. Wrap it up in a bright red box shaped like a heart.

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Yeah, so, this is all sorts of fantastic.  That is all.

So I’m reading Samcedes fic (as you do when you’re not a Glee fan, but really like a pairing), and I’m running into those “Shane’s abusive & Sam saves Mercedes” fics. And I’m…confused. Like, really really confused. Because I just read a fic where Shane is this near Machiavellian super villain (complete with spies all over the school) who verbally, physically, & sexually abuses Mercedes regularly. Regularly. In public & in private and yet…no one notices the bruises, the weight loss, the PTSD responses, or the flinching but Sam. Like, I am all in for a good cheesy romance. Really, I can even try to put aside the racial aspects of painting the black guy as the brutish villain for a second, but when your story hinges on everyone seeing her fading away while this dude bosses her around like a puppy & no one steps to Shane including Santana & her parents? Yeah…no.

Can’t suspend my disbelief that far. Now when Santana has cut motherfuckers down to size because she felt like it. Making Mercedes cry & hide & puke would have her calling cousins & buying shovels not sighing & shaking her head a lot. And that’s before we get to Mercedes’ parents who have always been spoken of as being loving & supportive & involved & protective. Her daddy would have shown Shane the error of his ways with the help of her uncles (and her mama, because let’s be honest I get the sense she has the kind of mother who will cut you up & feed you to something before she goes to get her hair done), the first time he noticed bruises on his baby’s arms. If you must write abuser Shane fic, can you at least put in the effort to make it semi believable? Please?

Let Shane be emotionally manipulative or whatever, I’ll even accept the idea that his friends tell him what they see Mercedes doing. But Mercedes is not going to be drifting through her days crying & shaking while everyone turns a blind eye to the bruises. Much less, spending most of her time convincing herself that a dude that treats her like a human blow up doll/punching bag loves her when he never actually shows her any real affection. The girl is conflicted between two decent guys, not between Satan & Sam. I mean damn, I don’t even watch the show regularly & I can see where the characterization in these fics is taking 976576585 left turns. Also, Sam is dyslexic. That doesn’t mean he can’t comprehend information, or that he isn’t skilled in other subjects like math or that he can’t learn in other ways so can we also stop writing stories where he’s about to graduate high school with the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader?



i dont ship samcedes because mercedes will never look at sam the way she looks at tots 
im a totcedes hardcore shipper 

That moment when Sam serves Mercedes tots while they’re naked and post coital and he knows she craves them after epic orgasms - the kind only he can give her. And he feeds them to her with his mouth because Sam-flavored tots are her favorite. Besides,the sustenance is important since they’ll need their energy for round #8…


I can’t breaaaave….


If Samcedes does kiss before Brittana, blood will be shed.




What does Samcedes have to do with Brittana? Furthermore, you know who hasn’t had a legitimate onscreen kiss in the entirety of three seasons? Mercedes Jones. To me, that trumps two girls who’ve had multiple makeout sessions with multiple folks onscreen if she and Sam actually kiss. So, be mad at the writers.  Mercedes has been neglected in the love department far more than either Brittany or Santana; she’s well overdue.

While it’s true that this is the first time Mercedes has been shown as a person of true sexual and romantic interest, you sort of don’t get it. Those “multiple make out sessions with multiple folks” don’t mean any more than Mercedes’s relationship with Puck or Kurt’s making out with Brittany did. Mercedes doesn’t actually trump two girls in a relationship with each other who have managed to go since season 1 without ever kissing. If you compare the two couples/characters to Finchel, the straight white couple, you’ll see that there’s no point in saying that one has it better than the other because they’re both being fucked over. They’re both problems but one isn’t worse than the other. 

It seems like these two fandoms are too wrapped up in their own problems to realize that the other is experiencing the effects of prejudice just like they are. 

Brittany loved Artie. And you don’t think Brittana kissed offscreen?  But completely disregarding both Santana and Brittany were shown to be desired and wanted is equal to Mercedes being an involuntarily celibate mammy for the majority of two seasons is disingenuous. The main point is, however, why get annoyed at Samcedes about something they have nothing to do with - that being a Brittana onscreen kiss.  Brittana has made out with each other (yes, no onscreen kiss, but they still had a heavy scene of affection between them); not to mention little moments. I do empathize with wanting an onscreen kiss between them. I’m a Mercedes fan - I’ve wanted her to get some legit loving for eons it seems - but I don’t understand the devaluing of what you have gotten, which is far more than a couple like them could be getting, quite honestly.




Yes, I want Sam and Mercedes together. Grinning and swooning like a bitch during, “Human Nature.”

Yes, I’m upset that they kissed because Mercedes is still with Shane.

I don’t know why I even had the expectation that RIB, FOR ONCE, wouldn’t start a relationship off with the girl cheating. Jesus Christ, their past relationship issues that they are dealing with via these characters.

To be fair, Samcedes didn’t start with the girl cheating. Mercedes was free and clear when she and Sam got together; so, in a sense…they’re resuming a relationship that’d been put on pause. But yeah, wish she weren’t still tied to Shane, but I feel better that the kiss didn’t seem premeditated at all.  Second-degree cheating, if you will.

what do you think about this post? sadiesann tumblr com/ post/ 16449722313/ samcedes-unpopular-opinion (I was a samcedes shipper and this kinda make me change my mind)


You’re entitled to your opinion (and thanks for not coming at me all crazy with it, haha), so with that being said, I have to disagree with you on some points.

I don’t think RIB has ruined Sam and Mercedes as characters. They’re actually two of the better characters on the show, in my opinion. Two of the more mature characters, in fact.

Mercedes isn’t egocentric, which is a word that I think people abuse way too much. Does she think highly of herself? Yes, and she should. She has insecurities, but she’s not written as an insecure character. The only reason people go so far as to make her out to be egotistical is because she voices her desire to want a solo and believes she’s good enough to get one. And you know what? She is. And she has to voice it/fight for it because it’s been proven in the past that she’ll be looked over otherwise. She gets looked over because there are characters (like Rachel) who also speak up when they want to be featured and fight for it just as hard, if not harder…and sometimes with more drastic measures.

Mercedes hasn’t stopped being there for her friends, hasn’t stopped encouraging them to be better than they think they can be, and hasn’t stopped believing in them. Case in point, her recent leadership skills displayed with the Troubletones. She didn’t act like a tyrant, she gave credit where credit was due, found a place for everyone (including Sugar—who’s in a show choir and can’t sing) and everyone was happy. A lot of people say she “stole” Santana and Brittany away from New Directions, but they weren’t being utilized to the best of their ability either, so it made sense for them to go where they could shine.

What I find is that people tend to confuse going after what you want, no matter what other people think, with being egocentric, and that is so far off the mark. Yes, taking other people’s opinions into account before taking action is good. No, you don’t have to let other people’s opinions dictate your wishes/goals/hopes/dreams. That’s how people end up in old age, regretting the things they should have done when they were younger. No one is going to like every choice you make, and it’s not easy to go after what you want, knowing that you might hurt someone (especially when it’s your friends/family), but that’s just a risk you have to take. People won’t hold that against you forever. Mercedes is making choices based on what’s right for her and what’s going to make her happy, and people do that every single day. That’s the way life is. You can not let other people dictate your happiness. And you know what? People STILL like her. Love her, even. As far as I can tell, she has no enemies on the show.

When it comes to Sam, it looks like your main concern with him is that he’s leading Mercedes to cheat on Shane and that he’s not as honorable as he used to be. Sam is very much still a good guy, and it’s evident by the way he took Rory under his wing, befriended Blaine (even after that really crappy comment Blaine made to him), and he’s even friends with Quinn, who DID cheat on him (and helped him out later). Sam is so past high school drama and it’s so obvious in the way he carries himself, the way he interacts with characters (notice how he didn’t get mad at Santana when she insulted him after his return—season 2 Sam would have been taking a hard, long look at himself, trying to figure out what was wrong and tried to change), and the way he’s trying to get Mercedes back. “Back” is the keyword there.

The thing is, Sam and Mercedes never actually ended. They were torn apart by the circumstances and just because people are separated by distance, doesn’t mean that the feelings are just going to go away. He’s not trying to get Mercedes to cheat on Shane. A lot of people seem to be confused about that, too. He’s trying to get her to own up to the feelings that she keeps denying and is poorly hiding. Shane is obviously a rebound and a safe option for Mercedes, and the fact that she didn’t break up with him the second Sam returned really shows that she is not one to break loyalties (another PLUS for her character). Also, Sam has never said anything about Mercedes cheating on Shane, and he’s not going to. In the past, when characters have cheated, there has been no confusion about whether or not it’s going to happen and it happens quickly. If Mercedes was going to cheat on Shane, it would have taken place already. All Sam has said is that he’s going to fight to get her back (woo her, impress her) and in his mind, Shane doesn’t even come into the equation. The final decision is all up to Mercedes, and Sam has put himself in a position to possibly get his heart broken because she can still say no. He didn’t take that option away from her.

I guess I found all of your assessment wrong, really… Sam and Mercedes are at their best right now and their development is only making them better. I’m excited to see how everything plays out. They aren’t horrible people, like the way you kind of make them sound. If there’s something wrong with speaking your mind and going after what you want (without compromising other people), then let me know right now, because apparently, I’m living life all kinds of wrong.

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Mercedes is fat and black and ugly.



Sam is beautiful. He doesn’t want her. He’s playing with her heart and then he’s going to throw tots at her. lolololololol


And even if Mercedes were fat, black, and ugly…Sam is still fighting to get her back.

Who gave fluffykins the mic tho?

Samcedes One-Shot: Again


This was supposed to be way shorter and more angsty, but then it became a 7500+ word monster of…whatever this is.

Forgive any errors, typos, and whatnot! Enjoy :)


I heard from a friend today
And she said you were in town
Suddenly the memories came back to me in my

The texts started coming during church on Sunday. First from Santana, then Brittany, then Tina.

There’s a rumor that Lips might be back in Lima.

Santana said to tell you Sam is back. And Lord Tubbington says hi.

M, I think Sam’s back.

She responded to each one once service ended. Sam couldn’t be back. His family moved six months ago. That’s not nearly enough time to save up and move, and why would they come back to Lima of all places?

Yeah, nice try, Tana, and thanks for getting Brittany involved. I hope you both have been practicing choreography for sectionals while you’re messing with me.

Thanks for the heads up, Britt. Send Tubby my best.

The one from Tina gave her pause. They joked around, but Tina knew how she felt about Sam. She was the first to find out about their secret relationship, and demanded a double date as soon as possible. It was one of the last things she and Sam did together before he left, and they both raved about how exciting it was to act like a couple in front of their friends. But the move was a few days away, and the reminder made the night turn somber. It was re-energized with passion as Mercedes led him up to her bedroom, where they spoke softly and touched freely, expressing through sweet caresses what words couldn’t convey.

Mercedes blew out a breath, and decided to lump it with the first two.

That’s what I’m hearing, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

She had two responses from Santana waiting when the text to Tina sent:

Girl, I’m not messing with you! But I don’t know for sure yet.

And our choreography going to be on point, best believe it!

Happy for the subject change, she replied:

Fierce, femme, phenomenal!

Mercedes spent that afternoon catching up on TV she missed during the week and helped her mother prepare dinner. Her brother made his regular Sunday evening call as she was going over her school notes, and they talked about his trip home for Christmas. She decided to close the relaxed day before school by straightening up her room. More often than not, it became a mess over the course of the week, and Monday mornings were always a little bit easier to bear without waking up to clutter.

She turned on some music and danced around as she tossed clothes into her laundry basket. Her phone rang from her dresser, and she sang into the receiver when she saw it was Kurt. “Hellooooooo…?”

“Mercedes, are you sitting down?” He asked in a hushed voice.

“Should I be?” She asked, shimmying as she hung up her coat.

“It might be a good idea,” he continued in his quiet tone. She heard a door open and close before Kurt resumed, speaking normally, “I have some news about a certain blond from Tennessee who may or may not be standing in my living room right now.”

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This is why I ship a couple on a show I can’t stand. The fanfic is excellent.