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1302. I’m so annoyed that Alisha didn’t get her own episode this series. It feels like the writers have forgotten her and just linked her with Simon for everything. Curtis, Rudy and Kelly all got their own episodes this series and Simons is next week - the last episode. Even Seth got his own episode.


1285. Too much Seth for series 3. I hope he goes off on a solo trip to Morocco for all of series 4. Already dealt with his “boo-hoo, sob-sob, zombie ex” storyline. He needs to be relegated to Kelly’s sex source from now on and never take up valuable storyline time that should be given to the ASBO shitheads. (HINT: especially Alisha. So Seth can get several episodes and not one for a main character?)


THIS! I would have preferred a season that wasn’t all about him & Rudy.


1267. Seth is a dickhead. First, he dumps Kelly and revives his ex without even telling her. Then he’s got Shannon as a zombie girlfriend, lies about them being together, pretends to go get her some puppy/food and asks Curtis to kill her cause he doesn’t have the balls to. Then he tops it all off with some dump speech about changing after all the shit he put Shannon AND Kelly through. Fuck Seth.

Yes! I could have done without the exploration of his man pain as the arc for S3.

seriously you guys


Why is everyone so pissed off about Seth? I agree with Seth and Kelly being OTP and all that, but come on. Put yourself in his place - he did love his girlfriend. He did search for that power to bring her back. He does feel guilty. 
And besides, even though he does like Kelly, he wasn’t seeing her for that long. He doesn’t LOVE her yet.
Plus, I think for the Kelly/Seth relationship to work, the girlfriend story needs and be over and done with. And something tells me it would be in the next episode.
So yay, right?
He is not a jerk, ok?
Just look at him, he’s a sweetheart!

I agree. He’s only known Kelly a few months & he’s trying to make things right. He’s not doing any of this to hurt Kelly.

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