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What is really being sold in a pornographic film? It’s a conception of sexuality that Dworkin identified— it is not just sex on film. It is sex presented in the context of domination and subordination. Pornography does not just eroticize or sexualize male domination over women. It eroticizes racism. It eroticizes every power dynamic that you can imagine. Think of any power dynamic that you know where there is a hierarchy. I can guarantee you that there is a pornographic film that eroticizes that dynamic.

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male/female, white/poc, employer/employee, parent/child, etc…it is a sick sick industry. 

i haven’t seen any sex-positive feminists defending racism as a valid “kink” yet (funny), but there’s still time.

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edit: i HAVE NOW. nazi kink, for real.

and i read a good argument for the concept of “full-time” “slavery/ownership” in BDSM being inherently racist.

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I have problems with Robert Jensen and they way he essentially speaks over those who are actively trying to change the status quo in porn. Are these problems in mainstream inherent? Damn right. But to go “and that’s why ALL PORN IS BAD,” completely overshadowing the number of people who are trying to make their money and be ethical about it is some bullshit. You cannot put Jiz Lee on the same level as something from Bang Bros. You just CAN’T.

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*Prepares self for a long discussion*. Robert Jensen and I have had many lovely— and by “lovely” I am completely sarcastic and I mean “horrendous”— interactions when I attended a day long discussion/presentation of his. He knows who I am personally and explicitly dislikes me, which is wonderful, because that means I succeeded in calling his shit out, over and over.

There are many legitimate arguments to make about the horrendous racism, sexism, cissexism, etc, in mainstream porn. (I’ll save my arguments for why the eroticizing of power dynamics by and for those oppressed by those power dynamics can be cathartic and positive for a different time.) Regardless of one’s views, I strongly recommend not quoting Robert Jensen to make any arguments.

Three of MANY reasons not to promote Robert Jensen in any form:

1. He is massively transmisogynistic and cissexist. One example is when he verbally attacked and misgendered a trans* woman who was, at the time, also an anti-pornography scholar. (She has since changed her views, but more importantly, this is her description of his transmisogyny in interacting with her.) In a public gathering, when confronted by myself and my friends (having read her post), Jensen OPENLY misgendered trans* women as a whole, tried to COMPLAIN ABOUT HER TO US, and tried to argue that trans* people are upholding patriarchy and gender oppression BY IDENTIFYING AS TRANS*

2. He promotes the criminalization of sex work of ALL FORMS, in ways that have been explicitly stated by sex workers (especially sex workers of color who are already targeted by police) to TANGIBLY INCREASE THE RISK OF HARM AND DEATH IN THEIR LIVES. (i.e. Although Jensen does not promote imprisonment of sex workers themselves, he promotes criminal punishments for johns and those who purchase sex, which sex workers articulate causes the industry to slip farther underground, with riskier, more violent clients the ones most likely to stick around.)

3. Robert Jensen is a rich, white, cis man who claims to know what is best for women, and/or people of color, and/or sex workers. When they disagree, he explicitly says they have a “false consciousness” and are being brainwashed. He literally said this in response to one of my discussion questions about what actual sex workers of color are saying they need. As defined by people who experience these oppressions, Jensen is sexist, racist, transmisogynistic, cissexist, and just plain harmful.

Bonus: Despite claiming to be anti-capitalist, he gets paid top dollar (I promise you, I saw the numbers… a lot of money) to talk about the oppression of women of color without including the perspectives women of color in his talks!

I could go on for hours, but I think that’s enough for now. Jensen’s role model, Andrea Dworkin, was unbelievably racist and cissexist, too, and Robert Jensen is worse.

I recommend Emi Koyama, “a multi-issue social justice activist and writer synthesizing feminist, Asian, survivor, dyke, queer, sex worker, intersex, genderqueer, and crip politics,” for a nuanced, non-criminalizing analysis of the sex industry and intersectional oppressions within it. Her writing on this topic is available on her linked website.

(Edited to add: Forgot to mention, my own personal experience is that I literally had only sat down and introduced myself a minute before when Jensen 1) misgendered me, and 2) started commenting in detail about my physical appearance. This is someone who makes a living talking about objectification.)

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Oh, I remember how he tried to shut you down when he came to our school. He was on some severe bullshit.

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Lessons From The Secret Service / Cargagena Sex-Worker Case: Who Benefits Most When Sex Work is Illegal?


Something to keep in mind about the recent Secret Service / Sex-worker scandal in Cartagena, Columbia. When an American tried to pay a sex worker only $30 after previously agreeing to pay her $800 she complained to the police. She complained to the police. If you’re an American take a minute to wrap your head around that. Take more than a minute if you need to. And you might. But let’s look at that again. She. Complained. To the police. The possibility that a sex worker would complain to the police almost certainly never occurred to the American. The possibility that the police would listen to her probably never crossed his mind. Because in America, where that kind of sex work is universally illegal it just doesn’t work that way. Because every American customer, let alone every American criminal/sexual predator, knows that no American sex worker dares go to the police no matter how badly they’re treated. And of course it’s not just American customers and predators who can’t wrap their head around the concept. Nominal sex-worker defenders who can speak only in terms of “prostituted women” don’t seem to get it either. Nor is the general public, immersed as we are in cop shows, “gritty urban realism” metaphors, “heart of gold hooker” movies like Pretty Girl, and Krucher Ashton videos, likely to have much luck either. So. Small wonder then the American Secret Service agent thought he could get away with treating a Colombian sex worker the way he would treat (has treated?) sex workers at home or elsewhere abroad. I mean, even if you “know” sex work is legal in the “3rd-world” town* you’re visiting it’s unlikely it would occur to you that if you bilk a sex worker she’ll complain to the police. The American made a bad decision to effectively rob a sex worker. Unfortunately for him a decision under Colombian law makes it safe for sex workers to complain to the police. Standard disclaimer: One can oppose sex work as an industry and still celebrate social, civil, and legal protection for those who practice it. Further, the social transformations required to end the sex work industry does not require that sex work itself remain illegal. And finally, one can oppose the sex work industry and still recognize who benefits most from laws prohibiting it. * Note: Socioeconomically speaking Cargagena, Columbia is considered a thriving, multi-industry middle-to-upper-middle class city that regularly hosts international economic and trade summits.

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this song makes me so mad.  if you don’t understand the lyrics its a beautiful song but this shit is triflin’.  basically shaming a woman for doing sex work in a country that wasn’t even independent from colonial forces until after my dad left… “officially”.

says she bruk out at the age of 7

started dancin’ at the age of 11 […]

one man can’t satisfy her […]

so from prostitution work she can’t retire

why do you think there is such a boom in tourism?  you don’t think that could be at all related to the boom in the sexual exploitation of children?  do you think children and women willingly get into sex work?  who the fuck you think them gyals (and boys) is dancin’ for?


nikka ain’t you a rasta?  you just exempt from protecting your daughters or something? why don’t you sip ya gahdamn root drink and take a rasclaat seat.

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This woman pole dances like she plans to take it to the Olympics and win the gold.  It gets good at 1:20.

At the 3:20 mark it becomes unbelievable. 

holy shit


that is incredible talent


Holy crap! And they say pole dancing can’t be a sport. She is amazing!

At first I was like “This is going to be stupid” but then I was like …


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I do feel a sense of solidarity with Muslim women who are belittled for choosing to wear an abaya, chador, niqab, burqa, or what-have-you. As a sex worker and a devout atheist, I am hardly what you could consider an apologist for the injustices women suffer in the MENA region and how Islam views women/sexuality in general. But, that doesn’t mean Muslim women are feeble-minded weaklings. I know what it feels like to have other women decide that you’re too stupid to be allowed to make your own decisions. Western feminists, by and large, claim that I have been brainwashed by the patriarchy, and must be “saved” from my decision to work in porn. Likewise, the same people tend to impose their judgments on Muslim women, arguing that they need to be “saved” from the religious brainwashing forcing them to adhere to Islam.

Some thoughts on Egypt’s revolution and what sex workers and covered Muslim women have in common, Feminisnt (via shotinsarajevo)

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if you are an ally, that means you are SUPPORT. NOT LEADERSHIP.


please get it through your head. then get to the right place.

hint: it’s not in the front.




Stop assuming because someone sells sex it means they are less than you.

i want to yell this from the fucking rooftops.

sex workers are human beings who are worthy of the same fucking respect anyone else is. if you do not think human fucking beings who arent hurting you or anyone else are worthy of fucking dignity and respect, you are likely to be the worthless douchebag. you dont have to fucking like their occupation but if you seriously think you are above other human beings, you’re a fucking asshole. plain and simple.

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