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I do not like images or quotes by native peoples that say how the whites killed natives or took lands away. Yes, it happened. Yes, it was tragic. But now is the time for us to set aside our hate and accusations, despite what may have happened. The reason we are so scattered and separated from our own culture is because we’ve allowed these events to infect our minds and defeat our love. We must find it in ourselves to forgive the whites of their transgressions and find peace within ourselves. That is the only way for us to mend the sacred hoop and become a proud, powerful nation once more.

No more anger, my friends.

Which nation specifically is this addressed to?


The reason we are so scattered and separated from our own culture is because we’ve allowed these events to infect our minds and defeat our love.

So.  If someone steals your house the reason you’re homeless isn’t because they stole your house, but because you got upset about your house being taken?

Genocide and forced re-education seems to be the reason colonized societies around the world end up separated from their own cultures, but maybe this particular, unnamed nation is different or something. Guess I didn’t know The Secret was an NDN nation…

I mean, not acknowledging history would seem to be the opposite path to reconnecting to your heritage…

Someone on the drank

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Think Before You Speak: Omg. Wait a second.



Y’all, I have a confession. I’m a terrible person. I really am. By getting angry at a white girl dressing as a Native, I did so much more. Let me tell you what I did.

*I spoke over Native Americans. (Even though I’m Native myself)
*I ruined NA businesses selling NA art, jewelry, and clothes to…

When you stop to correct a white person, The Grace of The Lord is withdrawn from the world, and untold disasters pour forth, just because YOU had to open the Pandora’s box which held “Equality” at the bottom.

Lo, when will the world learn that whiteness is the all encompassing sacred force, requiring neither reading comprehension, compassion, or respecting the rights of any other being - that it could literally eat babies and it would be done for the better of the world and we know it not, as if it were a cannibal Batman holding back the darkness of destruction?!?

Tear at one’s hair and gnash the teeth - we have hurt white feefees and fell doom is upon us!!!  Once-great Atlantis was lain below the waves for daring to tell a white person, “No”.  

Repent, repent!!!

(I swear, white folks must have secret Jack Chick comics with white supremacy messages…)




The BBC commentators were cheering Gabby on during her routine.

Like I can’t take it!!!

One them actually said “You can do it!” towards the end of her routine.

And started to praise how well she’s done the entire olympics and how she averaged a 15.5 the entire competition.

NBC would never mention that.

And they just called her consistent on all 4 routines and said she had technical brilliance.


In my ideal world, there would be the aftershow part on air, and you’d see the entire team in ninja outfits jump kick the NBC commentator’s in the head repeatedly like a Marvel vs. Capcom team combo special, ending in “Gab-lok WINS”. (Why Gab-lok?  I dunno, sounds badass)

(Actually, now that I think about it, in my ideal world, most injustice would be resolved with a fighting game team combo beat down… hmm…)




But really, I don’t need to hear you call yourself a feminist if your first response to a report of a black person in handcuffs being murdered by the police is “Well we don’t know the details yet. Maybe…” You want to know why so many black women don’t fuck with feminism? There’s your damned answer. As long as you’re part of the problem you can’t be part of our solution.

Someone explain to me how every Black person is supposed to be fucking Jason Bourne/Tony Jaa when the police deal with them and if that is the case, why do we even have tanks or drones and not just send these Black Super Soldiers to conquer every US War armed with rusty spoons?

Because HOW do you imagine Black people are still lethal threats that justify shooting when handcuffed?

Do they fly? Can they shoot chi blasts like Dragonball?  What?


Apparently all we need to do is twitch & we can destroy the whole world. Or something. They’re doing a public service by stopping us, framing us, & killing us…that hurt to write.


These Simple Ass Questions Show and Prove…


…that a lot of folks don’t interact with POC, and a lot specifically, with Black people, outside of the internet.

You can hear the excitement in their voices, “OMG! I’m getting to Ask A Real Black Person(TM)!!! What should I ask, what should I ask?!? Oh! Oh! I know, lemme ask about homophobia, OMG OMG!  They’ll finally unlock the secret Monolithic Answer About How Black People Feel, which is harder to discover than the Secrets of the Masons!!!!”

But you know what?  If you live in America and you haven’t interacted with Black people, as normal people, you need to start asking what kind of segregation situation exists and WHY.

Time to Quote Myself Again, talking about media producers, but actually this applies to how people build their social circles too:

Let me give an analogy.

If every time I spoke about women, I painted them as some mysterious other- magical and wise, vicious and cruel, stupid and helpless, lusty and animalistic, unfathomable and alien? You’d tell me I’m crazy and a sexist dick and you’d be right. (and yeah, there’s guys doing this still.)

You’d say this not only because I’d be telling lies, but because these falsehoods are so easily shattered that I would have had to went through considerable effort in mental gymnastics, in not interacting with women (either literally or practically by behavior), that in the end, “But, but, no one pulled my head out of my ass, I NEVER KNEW” would not be a valid excuse. My not knowing would be the result of a lot of work on my part.

Women are everywhere and the only person I could blame for such fuckwittery at this point would be myself.

So. When you tell me that you couldn’t possibly write any characters of color because they’re so strange and you can’t identify with them at all? Or that’s why you had to fall back on stereotypes? You’ve just told me you’ve spent decades of your life doing mental gymnastics and avoiding people.

And, after a lifetime of aversive racism, and, you creating media that helps perpetuate lies, you want me to do the work FOR you of pulling your head out of your ass and then give you a cookie and tell you that you’re a good white person, even though you’re not willing to do any effort to undo what you’ve done to yourself?


"Google Plus Study shows minimal Social Engagement"


-Roughly 30% of users who make a public post never make a second one
-Even after making five public posts, there is a 15% chance that a user will not post publicly again

Well, let’s see:

1) You force everyone to use real names that are identifiable.
2) You recruited heavily from the white male tech crowd as your root base before opening up to the public
3) Anyone can reshare your shit once they see it, whether you want them to or not
4) So public posts are often flooded by mansplaining Libertarian racists and they can publicly blast it to summon more of their ilk AND pull up your real world personal info.



Going hard on fictional media


“It’s just a book/show/cartoon!”

Unlike real life, fictional material of any type, can actually have ANYTHING happen- anything for the subject matter, anything for the plot.   That’s why it’s fiction.  You’re making shit up, whole cloth, you have the power to do whatever you want with it.

So, the thing is that any fictional material you create- took time, energy and craft - actual thought and WORK to make it.   So, if you make stuff that’s racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. basically you also put work (even if you didn’t put thought) into it.  It may not have been a focus or a goal, but because you put so much thought into everything else, it only highlights how casually normal that fucked up shit IS for you.

And the thing is, for mass media?  It’s not even like it’s just you on this.  There were editors, producers, publishers, marketers, and many, many, many others along the chain who could have said, “Wait, is this what we really want?” and either a) no one noticed, which means you’re all fucked up in that same way, or b) anyone who could have objected either was silenced, ignored, or you’ve made it clear that it’s a hostile space to talk about that, in which case, you’ve successfully perpetrated the shit among real people, not fiction, right there.

This is escapism you’re creating, and basically when you say you escape into fantasies where groups of people don’t exist, or only exist to the horrible fucked up views you inflict on people in real life?   


Look up the history of minstrel shows and Birth of a Nation and tell me about how great stories trump the content and I’ll show you a bit of improv comedy that also happens to involve me punching you in the face, repeatedly, but hey, ignore that, because the jokes are funny, right?