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[TW FOR ABUSE, ASSAULT, RACISM, CHILD ABUSE, ALL THE FUCKED UP THINGS]Anonymous asked: sorry to bother you, but what did woody allen, kelsey grammer, elvis, nicolas cage, gary oldman, bill murray, eminem, sean penn, and michael fassbender do? i don’t remember hearing anything about that.


No bother at all, anon!

  • Woody Allen was accused by Mia Farrow, whom he’d been married to, of sexually abusing/molesting their 7-year-old daughter back in 1992.
  • I wasn’t able to find anything about Kelsey Grammer, other than his abuse of drugs (cocaine) and alcohol which lead to several arrests, parole violations, and rehab. Oh, and his divorce from his fourth wife, Camille, has involved a lot of mud-slinging from everyone involved.
  • There have been many claims that Elvis profited from songs that were originally sang by black people and other claims of racism. As for abuse goes, I’m sure some other Google-friendly people could help you out there, since I couldn’t find anything.
  • Nicolas Cage has been charged with domestic abuse, inflicting “mental, physical and emotional abuse” on his wife, and allegations of child abuse.
  • Gary Oldman was accused of spousal abuse back in 2001 by then wife Donya Fiorentino, claiming that he “put his hands around [her] throat and squeezed” and when she tried to call the police, he “hit her in the face with a phone.”
  • Bill Murray was accused of abusing his then wife, Jennifer Murray, saying he ”hit her in the face and then told her she was `lucky he didn’t kill her.’”
  • Eminem has had many songs that include lyrics that have gotten him sued for defamation of character and has his fair share of arrests for assault and possession of a concealed firearm, among other things.
  • Sean Penn was arrested for assaulting a photographer on a film set, allegedly hung a paparazzo that he found in his hotel room by his ankles from the 9th floor balcony. He also was charged and plead guilty to felony domestic assault against Madonna. His relationship with Robin Wright was also filled with drama.
  • Michael Fassbender allegedly broke his ex-girlfriend, Sunawin Andrews’, nose after throwing her over a chair and “Andrews also says Michael allegedly dragged her alongside their car one night after they had an argument about one of her ex-boyfriends … causing her to twist her left ankle, blow out her left knee cap and burst an ovarian cyst.” She took out a restraining order on him.

ETA from peasandcock about Elvis Presley: “I can help you out on the Elvis front, he very much was at least emotionally abusive of his wife Priscilla. He met her when she was 14. 14. And I believe they were living together by the time she was 16? Anyway, he was very controlling and it’s all very suspicious.”