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If I could just get white people to understand the harm from microaggressions…



They think they’re doing so well, not lynching people or using slurs, but they keep throwing this constant barrage of little pinpricks until I am just worn OUT.  And then I have to play that “should I say something or will I look petty?” game.  Stop it white people.

this was my day today. just.

i was about ready to kill someone.

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This School is making me slowly become racist against asians





My dorm ahs an entire international floor right? They’re all asia. I don’t know they’re chinese, japanese, korean, whatever.

All I do know is that they keep stinking up the goddamn kitchen with their fucking forgein food an it makes me want to puke. I actually have to hold my breath if I want to cook something in there.

And Like, if anyone knows me, they know all I eat is the maericanized chinese and japanese food. But this shit. That they make. Oh my god. it’s terrible.

Sweetie, nobody’s making you racist.  You just are.

Congratulations, you fail at being a decent human being.

Not only racist, but apparently also does not understand how to use the spell check function.

 ROFL… shutupkristina, please take your own advice. Shut up.

Anyone know where she goes to school? I wanna go cook some really smelly stuff right in front of her door…

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