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ya’ll saw how the dude had a contingency plan for getting rid of the wingwoman, right? RIGHT? Staying with a friend is usually a woman’s #1 rape “prevention” strategy… and men like that fucking know it.

So tell us some more how it’s our fault?

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Sugar skulls blah blah




I always feel like I have a lot of words to throw at the whole sugar skull/día de los muertos thing and at people who appropriate the most visual aspects of the celebration. But, every time I try to crystalize my thoughts, all I can think about is how somber and serious the holiday was for my family.

I don’t think people understand what the holiday feels like. Every time I see a jarrón with marigolds or a sugar skull, I just think about my great grandmother talking about the kids she lost or about my grandmother crying over my grandfather who died before I was born.

Yeah, the bread is tasty and the altars are beautiful. But, these kids never had to go to the cemetery and clean the headstones. You know? They don’t understand why the holiday is there for, to honor and remember the people we had lost—or who we never had the time to know.

It disgusts me that I’ll never have those feelings again and that I won’t have that day to reflect. Since it’s become a fad, I don’t even want to think about it. It’s just another thing people in this country have taken from me and from my memory.

reblogging because for some reason, Dia de los Muertos has become the new hipster holiday and people need to realize why painting your face like a skull is cultural appropriation if you are white. 

I blame world of warcraft.

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Washington Post
[Ann Romney] continued that her husband “was not handed success… He built it.

Ann Romney at the RNC - Right Turn - The Washington Post

Anyone who buys for a second that Mitt Romney is the culmination of nothing but bootstraps—that any Joe Schmo from a middle class family could have done what Mitt Romney did career-wise so quickly and so easily, without his family money and connections helping him get through school, without his family money and connections helping him land the right jobs—is seriously naive. 

I am just so, so, so tired of a couple of rich people, who have always been rich people, pretending to be not rich people, to try to trick not rich people into thinking that their policies, which are demonstrably not for not rich people, will help them.

When I see how much people on the right seem to struggle with the context of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech, it’s not hard to see why. They often don’t understand the context of their own lives and privilege. Can’t figure out that growing up the child of a millionaire, governor, and former presidential candidate means that you are given the sort of opportunities and privileges that absolutely no one else would get…and that when you are the child of people with no money, no education, no lofty titles or careers, you are dealt all sorts of challenges and obstacles that someone like Mitt Romney would never encounter. These people utterly fail to see how their achievements are largely dependent upon circumstance, and how a rich dude growing up and figuring out how to be rich is not the same as a person who grows up in poverty simply figuring out how to survive, much less work themselves into a better life. It is not meritocracy that turns a rich kid like Mitt Romney into a rich man like Mitt Romney. It’s plutocracy.

On a final note, I am sick of Ann trotting our her experiences with MS and breast cancer as examples of how “regular people” she and Mitt are, how much they have “struggled.” It is not that I don’t have sympathy for her for what she has experienced. It’s just that I find the, “Look at my illnesses! See, we’re just like you!” crap to be pretty meaningless when Ann, unlike many people in this country, has health insurance and access to the very best America’s medical community can provide. A poor person who has MS or has battled breast cancer would have a very different story…and very likely, a story with a much less happy ending. The fact that “Obamacare,” which protects people with MS, who have or had cancer, is one of the Big Bads for the Romney campaign, the fact that there is no understanding that Ann Romney’s struggles are not the same as the struggles of a poor person who has MS or breast cancer, infuriates me.

I’m just tired of Republicans trying to erase the differences produced by class in America. The only time you can get a Republican to talk about issues of class is if the topic of race comes up, and then, it’s just to derail the conversation and say the real problem isn’t race but money. 

I’m done. I can’t watch or listen to this bullshit anymore. It is insulting to my intelligence, and everyone else’s, when the Romneys stand up in front of the country and pretend to be regular people with regular concerns who built their fucking bootstraps instead of coasting to wealth on the bootstraps handed to them by their parents. Fuck. That. Noise.

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or any day for that matter


or any day for that matter

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  • media:black women are ugly and not worth anyone's time
  • psychology today:black women are ugly and not worth anyone's time
  • white frat d00ds:black women are ugly and not worth anyone's time
  • black woman:i dated a white dude once and it didn't go well so i'm cautious about entering another interracial relationship.




“Like when a minority gets power. They (white people) get nervous. They’re scared that their race is going to do to them, what they did to that race. So they start screaming, “REVERSE RACISM! THIS IS REVERSE RACISM!” Hold on, wait a minute. Ain’t reverse racism.. isn’t that when a racist is nice to somebody else? That’s reverse racism. What you’re afraid of is called Karma.”


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Wanda Skyes: Dropping Truth Bomb on everyone!

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that’s heavy

maybe the only thing i appreciate about twitter. @tejucole

Number five though. Fuck.



that’s heavy


maybe the only thing i appreciate about twitter.

Number five though. Fuck.

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I get really annoyed with people who seem to advocate effortlessly for gay rights, and rally against sexism but when racism comes up they suddenly become silent. 

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Joyeux Noëlle: Correct me if I’m wrong here. (HT: @SaynaTheSpiffy.)A person - let’s...


Correct me if I’m wrong here. (HT: @SaynaTheSpiffy.)

A person - let’s call them “X” - is in charge of a young woman. X does not allow the young woman to date or have sex; her “purity” virginity must be preserved. In fact, X strictly limits the amount to which the young woman can interact with men of any age. When the young woman is old enough, and when X has found a partner for the young woman who is sufficiently advantageous to X, the young woman is, with or without her consent, bound into marriage with the partner X has chosen.

Now, here’s the dilemma:

If X is a family member, the paragraph above describes “time-honored traditional marriage practices”.

If X is not a family member, the paragraph above describes sex trafficking.

I can’t be the only one who sees a problem here.

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