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Stop fucking blaming Obama for everything.






What exactly did you expect him to do? Did you expect him to literally be the man of steel, break through the prison walls and swoop the man up?

The Supreme Court made the decision. It was out of his hands.

Can I still blame him for vetoing the Palestinian UN bid?

On your own fucking post, yes you can.

The man has done so fucking much for this country that I cannot and will not deal with comments like this right now, at this moment.

Just stop.

Last time I checked Obama was the President of the United States.

Those states each have their own constitutions and their own rights. Which is why some states have the death penalty and others do not.

No one wants a President overstepping his powers.

Obama could have used a presidential pardon, which is completely within his legal and Constitutional authority. If by “done so fucking much for this countryyou really mean “Do all the same shit that George Bush had done” then by golly, he sure has done plenty!

No it’s not. The President cannot pardon a state criminal or civil offense. Only federal offenses & things that happen in DC fall within his jurisdiction. If we’re going to get all preachy about his legal authority? Know the law.

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