Greetings from post-racial America.


now, raise your hand if you’re actually surprised by this.


To facilitate the production of Justice, I think it’s time people who classify themselves as “white” examine their obsession with black male sexuality.  People who classify themselves as “white” and who also practice Racism (White Supremacy) have used this cultural obsession to justify the murder of black males.  As such, these tweets are not harmless and/or funny.



Kola Boof tweets about Mixed-raced people.




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MOST African Americans are “BLACK” to African people. Get that straight. 

And you Will NEVER Niggerize me to the point that I call a White person “Black”——NOT EVER!!! Stick that shit up Ur ass!

The way you Black Americans treat Black identity…is PROOF of your hatred of Blackness & your ancestors. You have 0 respect.

I don’t hate anyone….but I don’t DISRESPECT “Black people”…by claiming that just anyone can be them either. 

The person who attacked me….claimed that I hate them because I don’t consider them Black. That person is literally WHITE.

None of what you’re saying…means shit. Blackness is not a “set of behaviors”, deeds & being down 4 the cause. 

Some Mixed/Biracial people really are Black. But most….are NOT. And deep down they know they aren’t. 

Fuck AMERICA!!! And fuck your slave master’s LIES!!!! Black People don’t have to live in your shadow!!!  

How fucking DARE YOU!!!! To say that African people can’t define what is Black & shouldn’t set the standard for Blackness!

Of course Mixed people have all the SELF ESTEEM!!!! …of course they (because of White Supremacy) can be more visible!!

Do people really listen to this chick?

Do people really take her seriously?

Kola’s fervent followers tend to be people looking for a way to justify their issues with Black Americans. She’ll happily say that we’re not black, African, or anything but slaves & then claim she loves us. You do the math.





I am quite honestly disgusted with this fanbase.


Long story short, last night the official Thor 2 twitter posted this:

Which got people (including me) very excited.  Then this morning they posted this:

… Which led to a page that said “Keep Calm, You’ve Been Loki’d!” And they finally followed up with this:

I thought it was funny. I laughed! It was a harmless joke, and we’ll get on-set photos eventually. Haha, a well-played prank indeed!

And then I learned that Tom had nothing to do with it, and I was a little disappointed in the official Twitter for involving him like that.  But oh well, life goes on.



I learned that some people, disappointed that they didn’t get their Loki pictures, actually started tweeting hate, spam and even death threats to Tom.


In what UNIVERSE is this ever an okay way to behave?  It’s ridiculous, disrespectful, and disgusting. Being a fan is supposed to be about supporting the person you’re a fan of, not throwing a tantrum towards them when you don’t get what you want and quite possibly scaring them. He didn’t even have anything to do with it!  Plus, we’ll be seeing on-set photos in a few weeks! You are acting this way because you’re forced to wait a few more days to see your precious Loki pictures!?

And if that weren’t enough, Tom actually tweeted an apology.  He apologized for something he had nothing to do with and had absolutely no control over.

No Tom. You do NOT have to apologize for this. You do NOT have to apologize for peoples’ ridiculous overreactions.

I can’t believe this is actually happening. I wish I could put this into more eloquent words, but I am seriously ashamed.  What was supposed to be a harmless joke has seriously brought out the worst in this fanbase.  I am so ashamed and sorry that Tom has to put up with this.  I wish he still had his anonymity. I wish he didn’t have to put up with these crazy people because he doesn’t deserve it at all.

I am disgusted.

Tom, I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.

God fucking dammit. And Tom even apologized. For something he didn’t do. He basically apologized for getting death threats. How anyone can be so mean I don’t even know. Fuck everyone who did that. It was a goddamn joke! One that Tom wasn’t even a part of. For fuck’s sake what is wrong with you guys?

Fandom your sense of entitlement is just… massive and glaring. Get your head out of your ass. Properties and actors do not exist simply to serve your need for a hit or fix. 



Willow Smith taking on nap with her dad Will.
Jada Pinkett-Smith tweeted the pic with following:
“Being a fatherless child, these are the moments I cherish. Love J. ”

It’s just too cute. TOO MUCH. No give me more



Willow Smith taking on nap with her dad Will.

Jada Pinkett-Smith tweeted the pic with following:

“Being a fatherless child, these are the moments I cherish. Love J. ”


It’s just too cute. TOO MUCH. No give me more