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"The confederate flag means more than slavery."




Please do everyone on earth a fucking favor and cut out your god damn tongue.

My mama always said if white people really felt that the confederate flag was supposed to be a southern pride thing, not a racist thing, why would white folks be okay with the KKK, and White Supremacist using it as their symbol. 

I said that in school once and got nothing but silence. 

I have a friend from South Carolina who told me that she believed that the confederate flag flying at the city hall of the town where she lived was a symbol of the state’s culture and history. She believed that until she found out that that flag was not a historical relic from the 1860s but rather had been put there specifically as a response to the desegregation of schools.

Not racist thing my ass.

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How To Fix American Education



Dear future teachers, administrators & politicians,

1. Recognize the failure of de-segregation:
De-segregation did not fix racial issues and the racism that is inherent in the American education system. The mentality that black students can only learn in a predominantly white environment is a convoluted notion rooted in supremacist ideology. Schools have re-segregated, but more so based upon economic status. In order for children in high poverty areas to learn, we must first recognize that such children have differing needs when they enter the classroom.

2. Make schools a vehicle for social change:
Education is the best way to overcome poverty. Poverty stems from and perpetuates a wide variety of social issues. Not all children come to school fed; feed them. Not all children come to school with a full night’s rest; allow them rest during the day. It is possible to create an environment where family and social issues are dealt with in a non-condescending manner. Not all children start from the same place in life. Some children must deal with unimaginable circumstances & community based schools should be just that; community based schools.

3. Return to neighborhood schools:
Schools that operate in and directly with a community can assist in a variety of community-related issues.

4. Make funding equal:
Property taxes and local property values should never determine the quality of a school. Schools should receive funding on the basis of need & need only. It is not acceptable that such blatant class-ism exists within the education system. The current system ensures the failure of students in lower income school districts.

5. Adopt national standards:
This should be a structured system based on aptitude. There is no “one size fits all” standard. Students with disabilities should have more personalized standards. It needs to be a tiered system with some level of fluctuation allowed.

6. Get rid of the “grade” system:
Students are passed onwards from grade to grade even when there are obvious deficits in a given subject area. Students should pass through levels of a given subject. It is possible that a student is at a fifth grade level in math, but a third grade level in English. This should be reflected in how we structure learning environments.

7. Make the teaching profession more desirable:
Pay teachers better. Give them better benefits. Recognize that a student’s failing is not always a teacher’s fault. Universities should create an environment where education is a selective field. This would also involve making higher education costs lower so that the brightest minds of a given generation can become the educators of the next generation. Re-structure the tenure system so that is fair and balanced. Work with unions, not against them. There is nothing wrong or shameful about protecting the rights of workers. The blatant disrespect of teachers by certain politicians to should be insulting to every single American.

8. Schools are not prisons:
Students should be made to feel safe in a school. They should have tracking devices, metal detectors or any of these outrageous means of curbing behavior. A school setting should be one in which a child feels comfortable and safe.

9. Your new “learning” idea is just as stupid as the last:
Students learn at varying paces; that is a fact. In the entire history of human education, simple learning seemed to suffice. School is not easy. Education should not be a game or, really, even be fun. Our minds should be sufficiently challenged within the means of our abilities. Education should be viewed as an invaluable resource. Realize that every ten years some moronic “philosopher” comes along with some new “learning” theory that will revolutionize education. It won’t. It never has and never will. If you just teach, they will learn.

10. Technology has its place:
Cell phones and computers do not belong in the classroom. They are a distraction. We seemed to be doing just fine before Smart-Boards and IPads. Technology has its place in science and technology courses. Powerpoints are not for every teacher. Some teachers don’t actually teach when using powerpoint presentations. Just because the technology exists does not mean you are obligated to use it.

I am nearly unable to write. I can’t take notes using a notebook. I have to type. This made school very difficult for me until I was old enough that it became a non-issue because people thought it was ok for me to use a computer.

I also usually have to type in order to process what is being said and understand it well enough to participate, even in a discussion-based class.

I have to have a computer, or I can’t do most classes.

So it’s really scary when people say that computers and stuff don’t belong in classrooms, because if enough people think that, then people like me won’t be able to learn in classes.

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Historian William Blum recently documented that, since 1945, the US has attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, has grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries and has dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 others.

Passage to Ecuador: Chomsky, Assange, sham justice, sham democracies. (via London Progressive Journal)

Iraq has been torn to pieces by sectarianism since the US invasion and occupation, Libya is in turmoil in the aftermath of NATO intervention, Pakistan is being destabilised and a proxy war is being stoked by the US and its allies in Syria.

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They don’t hate us ‘cause we’re free. They hate us ‘cause we invaded their countries, gave their governments to the guys who promised to give us commodities, then sucked their land dry of any natural resources. Oh, and then tried to kill the people who tried to get their countries back.

And now there’s anywhere from two to four generations of people who hate the US for reasons we don’t even want to acknowledge, and they may not even have been taught.

But yeah. ‘Murica.

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Anyone who is interested in this phenomenon of American interference should read Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq by Stephen Kinzer.  It’s as fascinating and informative as it is horrifying.

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Lol at this history section in my American lit book.

“When the settlers arrived with John Smith, many of them were not aware so much work would be involved in maintaining Jamestown. John Smith required that everyone contribute to the communal work, or they would not be given food to eat or have access to any of the other services provided by the settlement. Many of the settlers defected in protest to join the Native Americans. However, they found that many of the tribes operated under the same rules, which caused many of them to return to the settlement due to language barriers and cultural differences.” 

White people have been lazy and bigoted since they got here. 

This is actually true. They just didn’t plant anything because they were fucking lazy. That is the entire story. And then over 80% of them starved to death over the winter. The only recorded instances of cannibalism in the New World were committed by English settlers (NOT the “savages”), who also dug up corpses from their graves to eat them. (Also about 45% of the people they brought were the non-inheriting younger sons of noblemen who did not anticipate doing ANY work at all. Great planning, guys.)

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Happy 4th of July!


On this day 236 years ago, white people declared their independence from Great Britain because freedom is important, said the white people who held African slaves, and were murdering the Native Americans whose land they had stolen.

To celebrate this day, let us throw a big Tumblr party. A theme party! This year, the theme is—I thought it’d be appropriate….


Let’s go down the list!

Drones in the Middle East? Check.

Possible approval of drones in the Caribbean? Check.

Kidnapping Native American children and giving them up for adoption to white families in order to disconnect them from their heritage in the hopes that all Native culture will die out (all while other clueless crackers appropriate our shit and misrepresent us. Because crackers APPRECIATE us!)? Check.

Randomly assaulting Native Americans in attempts to murder them (usually done by the cops, but if other white folk join the party, the cops usually won’t stop them, so hey!) Check. Double check. Triple check!

Where the government allows white people to murder Black citizens with no consequence (How many of them have been given pay raises and vacations, rather than suspensions? I lost count)? Check. Oh, there’s a surplus of that! Double check!

Where the government bans us from learning about the parts of American history that don’t include white people because the shit they did was so bad that they’re afraid we’ll hate them afterwards. So instead, they just ban it, to keep themselves looking good, all while preaching about the importance of knowing our history? Check, check, and check!

Where anybody of East Asian descent is automatically suspected of being a terrorist, even though the majority of terrorist acts in America are domestic, and committed by white men? Check.

Where Latin@s are at risk of being deported. Even ones who are, according to the government, legal citizens. Even people who aren’t actually Latin@ at all, but just Latin@ in appearance, or have a Latin@ sounding name. BONUS FUNSIES! MOTHER FUCKING CHECK!

Am I forgetting anything?

OH! And while we’re here planning this shin dig, let us also remember to commemorate 9/11 on this day. Because out of all of the things that still affect us that America tells us to get over, this shall never be one of them because white people. :D

AMERIKA. Land of the free… unless your ancestors were here before white people, quote unquote, ~*”DISCOVERED”*~ this land.

AMERIKKA. Where everyone is born equal…. but not everyone is treated as such.

AMERIKKKA. Where everyone’s life has value and meaning! ….It’s just that white people’s have more, you know?


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Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong with Americans
View full-size poster: At | 530x2400 | 1600x7300  
Download the poster pack
This comic uses some text from the Letter of Support for Quebec Students from Nordic Students. The letter is written by a coalition of student unions from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
UPDATE: The original version of this poster cited the above mentioned letter, and the Student Union in Finland was not included among the letter’s authors. That caused some confusion. The poster has been updated to include Finland, because it does have essentially the same higher education policy as its Nordic neighbors.


Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong with Americans

View full-size poster: At | 530x24001600x7300  

Download the poster pack

This comic uses some text from the Letter of Support for Quebec Students from Nordic Students. The letter is written by a coalition of student unions from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

UPDATE: The original version of this poster cited the above mentioned letter, and the Student Union in Finland was not included among the letter’s authors. That caused some confusion. The poster has been updated to include Finland, because it does have essentially the same higher education policy as its Nordic neighbors.

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When I started working at approximately ~5USD/hr, gas was about 1.02/gal



Which meant that I could buy 5 gallons of gas for an hour’s work, ignoring tax taken out of my paycheck, etc.

I could buy a cheap fast food meal for about 3.16USD, a bit more than a half hour’s work.

Not going to say how much I get paid now, but let’s call it 12USD/hr for the sake of mathematical simplicity.

Gas is something like 3.50USD a gallon, so it takes 17.5USD to buy five gallons of gas. “Cheap” fast food meals run about 5.65USD now (smallest size available of whatever the cheapest thing is).

I get paid more than twice what I used to when I first started working about 14 years ago, but it takes me more hours at work to earn five gallons of gas than it did when I started working. The price for a cheap-o fast food meal has gone down for me slightly even though it is still pretty damned pricey.

Very little has actually gone down except our real buying power.

For a fast food employee to be making the equivalent entry level pay that I was making 14 years ago on the basis of gas prices, the minimum wage would have to be 17.50USD/hr.

Most client-facing IT workers I know are making less than that.

I remember when you could rent a studio/1 bedroom apartment (depending on locale) & afford food & utilities on minimum wage, or just above. You weren’t going to live high on the hog or anything, but I was making $6 an hour and doing fine. Now? You can’t live independently on minimum wage. You have to have a roommate & you’re probably still struggling.

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Ok yeah this is Tumblr and things get polarised blah blah.

Yesterday a person made a statement that Black Africans weren’t slaves —  then when this statement was challenged — it changed to Africa didn’t witness the vast chattel slavery that the new world did, then to the diaspora experienced slavery.

That person is a first generation African who was born and lives in the U.S..  

There is no argument with the third statement about diaspora experiencing slavery—for obvious reasons.

The first statement was patently wrong. The second statement—well what I just posted could be said to refute that—but really it’s not really known. But even if it was known—it doesn’t matter. It’s not about comparing slave trades so that one is the worst or pretending to know something i.e. that Africa didn’t have anything as vast as in the New World. However it is important to note that the Indian Ocean slave trade hasn’t been as well researched as the Atlantic one, and that it is wrong for Indian Ocean slave trade researchers to mirror research of the Atlantic slave trade.

Frankly her responses told me that she didn’t know of a slave trade in Africa. Maybe I’m having a conversation with myself in a quest for vigilance—but can’t different slave trades be tragic in and of themselves? Comparing numbers to describe ‘vastness’ — won’t tell us anything.

I don’t know much about either slave trade—but I tentatively wager that making broad claims about all of slavery and relating that to Blackness does not do justice to any of our peoples—and I am concerned about my/our African peoples being written out of slave histories. Even if it’s just on a site like this. 

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“My Ancestors were Slaves Too”


The above statement seems to be one of the favorite sayings of the racist. Let’s take a closer look at what it really meant to be a “Slave.”

Roman Slaves:

  • Slaves were clothed and fed well, often better than poor free Romans
  • “Some” slave owners forced their female slaves into prostitution to earn more money
  • When slaves had children, they were often thought to be treated better than their parents because the Masters saw them grow up and “Had a soft spot” for them
  • “Some” slave owners turned some of their slaves into “Gladiators” and forced them to fight wild animals in an arena for the amusement of the masses
  • “Some slave masters showed their loyalty and how much they cared for their slaves by giving nearly complete charge of their money and business affairs to the slaves without interfering.” (WAIT! WHAT?)
  • Saturnalia-A traditional celebration like Christmas in which slaves and masters switched places. In this celebration, the master became the slave and performed all the tasks of the slave, and the slaves did the opposite. (WHAT IS THIS? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?) Let’s move on…

Greek Slaves:

  • If a slave talked back they could be whipped or arrested
  • Slaves were thought of as property, no human
  • They could not use their own names, were assigned names by their master
  • There were three ways a Greek slave could “Escape” slavery
  • The Government could free them (Huh?)
  • Their Master could free them 
  • Eranoi-A club that LENT MONEY TO SLAVES to buy their freedom. (UM? WHAT IS THIS SHIT?) 

Jewish Slaves:

  • In the early stage, it was perfectly acceptable to rape a female slave
  • If a child was conceived between a master and a female slave, the child would be accepted into the master’s home and raised as his own (I’M SORRY, WHAT?)
  • Later, sex with a slave was illegal (THE FUCK?) and if you were caught, you were publicly flogged and temporarily excommunicated 
  • The law stated that Jewish slaves were to be treated better than non-Jewish slaves. This was not always practiced but it was the law.
  • Because of this law, Jewish slaves were supposed to be granted similar food, drink, lodging and bedding as their masters (UM?)
  • During the Talmudic Era, a Jewish slave was set free after seven years of service (DONE! FUCKING DONE!)

American Black Slaves:

  • Tell me, do you really want to see the comparisons on this?

The next time some racist piece of shit tells you that their “Ancestors were slaves too” smile, tilt your head to the side and ask them if they’d like to compare.

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© Charles “Teenie” Harris, 1930s-1940s, One Shot Teenie

#1: Two young women eating caramel apples, 1940-1945
#2: A woman outside Kay’s Valet Shoppe, 1938-1945
#3: Boys (possibly from Herron Hill School) playing brass instruments, 1938-1945
#4: A woman poses with a car on Mulford Street in Homewood, 1937

In the days of film, especially in a controlled setting, photographers often made redundant shots to make sure they captured what they wanted. Not Charles “Teenie” Harris. A native of Pittsburgh’s Hill District, the city’s cultural center of African-American life, Harris was a semi-pro athlete and a numbers runner before he bought his first camera in the 1930s. He opened a photography studio and specialized in glamour portraits, earning the nickname “One Shot” because he rarely made his subjects sit for a second take. (read more)

Nearly 80 years later, a retrospective of the photographer’s work, Teenie Harris, Photographer: An American Storyis on view at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh until April 7, 2012.

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