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But what would you think if someone came in with purple hair?

A consultant when I was seeking advice on how I should go about discussing the harassment and discrimination I have dealt with concerning my natural afro-textured hair at my job. I do not wear braids, locs, or twists. Nor do I cut my hair or dye my hair in unnatural colors (I keep it brown). I ONLY wear my hair out…like any other women at my job. Made me feel upset, insulted, and without a voice. Even someone who was suppose to help didn’t understand how natural my hair is and instead compared it to an unnatural color. (via microaggressions)

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You’re the most aggressive student I’ve taught in thirty years… Don’t say things like ‘no,’ or ‘I disagree’… Do you think you’re my equal?

White Ivy League professor to me, when I came to talk about an essay. In class, he smiled when white male students said “No,” or “I don’t buy that.” You can probably guess what happened to my final grade. I am Asian American. (via microaggressions)

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There was one semester where all I did was fight with my Child Psych professor. At the end she tried to lower my grade for poor participation, but I had a copy of the syllabus showing that participation wasn’t part of our grade. I went to the department chair & fought it. She had to give me the A even though it made her mad. To this day, I doubt she could explain why my opinions upset her so, but in every argument we had there was some mention of my attitude. Apparently coming to class, doing the work, & engaging in discussions made me a bad student. I suspect refusing to accept her continuous implications that children of color were naturally less capable of learning had something to do with why we didn’t get along. 

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Our range is worn by A list celebrities to the likes of Kim Kardashian

Retailer’s excuse for mistreating a customer.

The whole email is laughable, but that line right there almost made me choke on coffee. 

Also, an amazing Mission Statement for any business seeking to thrive in the current economy “Similarly these items are priced such that they remain inaccessible to the undesirable.” Quite ballsy to openly call your potential customers “undesirable”, eh?

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LOL kim k is A-list? i quit life!

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I’m mad he claimed the salesman was psychic.

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Well… back in the the day, women had more rights than slaves, and after that, I think we just got greedy.

Two girls in study hall.  (via microaggressions)


This reminds me of the two girls walking and talking in front of me while I was rushing to class in Sweden. I was late, but damned I was tempted to just skip class to yell at them. 
While I overtook ‘em, in my hurry, I heard them talking.
They were talking about how “women’s rights” campaigns had actually made life “worse” for women and that it was shitty how they were expected to earn their own living when they really just wanted to marry men who could work “for” them….

I should have just skipped class because I didn’t learn jack shit in it because their voices were rattling in my brain the entire time. 

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“Women had more rights than slaves??” Because us darky women don’t fucking exist. I’m betting my last dollar them was white women who said that shit.

And miniar, what is that fuckery that you heard???? “Women have to earn their living!!! WAHHH!!”  Black women have been working since we fucking got here, but a LOT of feminists forget that shit (expecting our asses to be grateful that we were ‘liberated’ into the working world!!! No bitch. Sitchoass down.), as well as these entitled fools. 

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I was fully qualified for the job, but they gave it to a black girl.

White neighbor, in conversation. I felt this person was implying that the black girl wasn’t qualified, or that she only got it out of affirmative action. Why not just say “I was fully qualified, but they gave the job to someone else”? I’m a person of color and I wonder if people think that about me. Made me sad. (via microaggressions)

I’ve had this conversation over and over with white men, and it’s always a black woman. Always. The white guy always says she wasn’t as qualified. I have to say,

“Did you see her resume? And how do you even know she got the job anyway? Were you stalking her?”

These mysterious unqualified black women running around talking the white man’s job don’t exist.

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Seriously, they don’t exist people.

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A coworker hinted at this about me after I got a promotion that she wanted. The fact that I have years more experience, a degree, & better performance reviews apparently didn’t matter as much as my race. 

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You much more refined than other Black girls.

My coworker to me. 21 years old, in Florida. Made me angry, speechless. (via microaggressions)

I’ve had many variations of this said to me throughout my life and it makes me mad as hell. I generally try to press them to articulate exactly what they mean by not like most black girls or not like other black people. What do you really want to say? Then they get embarrassed and shit. Fuck off with that.

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I get this one a lot, or my favorite “You must not be American” because we’re never anything more than a stereotype.

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Would it bother you if I called you nigger?

Question asked by a “friend” in high school to me, a bi-racial (half black/half white) teen.

“Would it bother you if I beat you with a crowbar?”

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“Would it bother you if I pissed on all that you eat?….Oh, it would, huh? Welp…..”

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I would have beat ass first & thought of witty replies later.

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She’s pretty for a Black girl.

One of two people talking about me. I was hugely disappointed because I had plenty of respect for her. (via microaggressions)

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard some variation of this one I’d never have to work again.

I’m fine with homeless people who have psychological disorders, but what I don’t understand is NORMAL people who have to be homeless. Why don’t they get jobs? Why don’t they get help from family?

18 year-old college student who has been homeless several times with my “normal” parents. I pass as middle class. Made me feel unable to talk about my past. (via microaggressions)

Oh. My. I can’t. I just can’t…

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Interesting not only for the assumptions about “normal” and how that shouldn’t lead to homelessness, but also for the a-okay for the mentally ill to be homeless and apparently not deserve help from family…

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^^ That’s exactly what I saw. Motherfucker, it’s called someone got sick or injured. “normal” *side eye*

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I am glad the kid (18 is a kid to me) never had hard times…they will not know what is going to hit them as an adult when times get rough.

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My husband has the kind of family that will act as a safety net. My family? They’d let me starve & say it was my fault. People forget that not everyone comes from a loving supportive background.

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I opened my mouth for a strep test. I didn’t gag. The doctor said, “Oh! Your husband must LOVE you!” Then I gagged. “Oh, maybe not,” he said. I’m 23, 2011, Minnesota, urgent care. Made me feel ashamed, angry, disgusted.

I would have thrown up all over his face

Oh hey, sexual misconduct and abuse by medical professionals. Something new and totally not systemic and horrible. /sarcasm.

I read some of the reblogs and many people seem to be under the impression that, “Haha! Funny joke! Life is a Judd Apatow film and this is totes not a big deal!”

Except it kind of is, especially when you realize it’s not just one, isolated, incident. Or one, single, doctor. Nope.

lemme tell you sumpin, when i saw that movie “teeth” and the scene where the doc tries to finger her came up i wanted to throw up because when i was 15, i was getting some headaches and my dad sent me to a doctor friend of his. well, this doctor is a urologist (yeah my dad insisted, dont ask lol) but he insisted on doing a breast exam on me. i later found out that was totally out of line. he had no business whatsoever feelin up on my titties being that in the dominican republic folks are so conservative even the female ob/gyn’s sometimes hesitate to do so, after years of seeing you. i never did tell my daddy. :(

i wanna vomit again, actually. fuck.

I’ve hated going to the doctor since one made a comment about how tight my vagina was during a pelvic exam. I was ridiculously happy to have my cervix removed as part of my hysterectomy because it meant no more annual exams.

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